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Suryaputra Karn 21st June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says if they have to renovate house make it more beautiful, they have to break house and reconstruct, same with the world, they have to destroy old rules to build new ones.

Kauravs attend Drona’s last right. Ashwathma cries holding torch. Pandavs come. Duryodhan gets angry seeing them and says he was called trickster, prankster, fraud, etc., but today Yudistra took all the titles on him. He with his brothers tricked Drona and killed him. Pandavs say they came to attend guru Drona’s last rights. Duryodhan says they dare cannot see guru Drona’s deadbody and should fight him first. Shakuni and Dushyasan join him and say they will not let them see Drona’s dead body. Karn interferes and says as students

they are entitled to attend their guru’s funeral and confronts them that they tricked and killed their guru and gave him best guru dakshina. Ashwathama starts next and confronts them and says he will not die until he sees all Pandavs dying and it is a son’s promise to his father.

Ashwathama sets Drona body on fire and performs last rights. Pandavs pay their respect. Ashwathama takes oath that he will destroy Pandavs whole clan.

At Pandav’s base camp, Drapuadi sees servants nursing Durshyadumna’s wounds. Krishna asks what is she thinking. She says today her dignity broke,what is the use of this battlefield and losing dear ones. Krishna points at Uttara and says insulting woman’s pride and self-respect is a big crime than killing someone, losing lives is inevitable in this war.

Karn in his tent tells Vrishali that Supriya has sent him a message from bhugat gram. Dushyasan enters and informs him that Duryodhan is calling him. Karn meets Duryodhan who announces him as his army’s chief/senapati. Madraraj says he will not accept a low caste man as his sensapati. Shakuni takes Madraraj’s side and tells Duryodhan that Karn lost his kavach kundals and many weapons which could have killed Arjun and Pandavs, now he is like old endentulous tiger which can just roar but cannot attack. Duryodhan shouts to shut up. Madraraj starts again that they both are fools. Karn confronts and says he will kill him today if he badmouths about him. Madraraj says he will not fight for Kauravs until Karn is sensapati. Duryodhan shouts he is coward to runs like this and reminds his promise. He cuts his thumb and applies blood tilak on Karn’s forehead and appoints him as senapati. Shakuni and Madraraj fume in jealousy.

Karn meets Kunti and says he will not back off from his responsibilties and will guide Kauravs now. Sanjay informs Dhritarastra that Karn is Kauravs sensapati now. Dhritarastra cries that within 15 days, he lost most of his dear ones. Sanjay says Karn will protect Kauravs until he is alive and will not let Kaurav flag down. Dhritarastra asks where is Gandhari. Sanjay says she went to meet a rishi nearby. Dhritarastra says rishi will not bless her children’s long life, she is a fool.

Arjun sees Krishna still awake at night and says he should go and rest for tomorrow battle. Krishna says now Karn is Kaurav’s senapati and they should be careful.

Precap: Krishna tells Draupadi that soon she will braid her hair. She says she is waiting for hte moment. Duryodhan wishes best of luck to Karn.

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