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Suryaputra Karn 21st December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Karn gives start of episode moral gyaan. Kunti tells Krishna she is worried about her both sons and says Karn is her first son. Karn comes there. Kunti gets tensed that he may have heard it. Karn says he came to take her blessings. Vasudev stops Kunti and says just like Arjun’s, Kunti is also Karn’s mother as he calls her mother. Karn smiles and touches Kunti’s feet. She blesses and he leaves. Krishna tells Kunti that truth will be out somehow and she should wait until then. Kunti asks when will be that. Krishna says she will know it soon.

Karn and Arjun get ready for their archery fight.

Bhism tells Vidur that he cannot see division between brothers and Vasudev Krishna’s idea is wrong. Krishna comes there and apologizes if he felt bad. He tells Bhism about Duryodhan and Shakuni’s plan to kill Pandavs in palace fire, etc.. He suggests Bhism to stop Karn and Arjun’s fight.

Karn and Arjun come in front of each other and start verbal fight first. Karn says he will break all his attacks. Arjun says he will not let him attack at all. Their verbal argument continues. Soldier announces them to come in the ground and fight.

Karn and Arjun are about to shoot arrow on each other when Bhism stops them and says since this fight is not in favor of Hastinapur, he will not permit them to fight. Shakuni tries to interfere, but Bhism shuts his mouth.

Precap: Shakuni says he is not in favor of division. Karn tries to convince Duryodhan that Pandav’s part of land is barron land and he should agree for division.

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