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Suryaputra Karn 21st August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tauji ordering Karn to pick weapon/bow and arrow and forget about fake rules made by khatriyas. He asks how can he. Tauji says when killing Adhirath is right for them, then how can they be right. Karn agrees.

Madanjay horse rides with his puppet soldiers. Soldiers asks how did he know that sooth will back off from giving evidence against him. He says sooth are cowards and he know they will get afraid. He gives an example of thorned animal which even frightens tiger. Karn enters with bow and arrow and asks him to sign on paper that he mixed poison in well. He says he will not and asks soldiers to catch Karn. Karn fights with them and defeats them all. A soldier informs Bhism that a sooth’s son is fighting with our soldiers and madanjay. Bhism leaves

towards the spot.

Madanjay runs to escape, but Karn follows him and traps him with his arrows. Madanjay says he will not accept his sin and if he kills him, he will also be punished with his father. Karn is about to kill him when Bhism enters and breaks Karn’s shot arrows.

Karn along with Adhirath and other sooth are gathered in royal hall. Dhritarastra enters and asks where is the kid who gave life to my son. Vidur asks Karn to come in front. Karn comes. Vidur asks him to respect Raja by folding his hands in front of him. Karn says once he gets justice, he will fold his hands. Dhritarastra asks what is his name. Karn says Radhe. Dhritarastra asks if he is introducing himself with mother’s name. He says if he says father’s name, he will ask his caste. Dhritarastra he is very intelligent and says to prove his father innocent, he was to produce real culprit. Karn says gram rakshak Madanjay is a culprit.

Madanjay says kid is telling lie. Dhritarastra asks what proof he has that he is telling truth. Karn says he always tells truth. Bhism gets up and tells a warrior does not need to tell lie. Karn says whole village people heard madanjay’s confession. Bhism says even he heard Madanjay accepting his sin before he freed him from karn’s arrow trap. Vidur says Dhritarastra that Adhirath should be freed now and madanjay should be arrested.

Karn frees Adhirath. Tauji happily hugs him and says his belief won. Adhirath says he is proud of him. Shon asks madanjay is not yet punished. Adhirath says it is up to maharaj now and asks Karn to greet maharaj. Karn greets him and is about to leave with family when Madanjay stops him and tells Dhritarastra that he should punish sooth son for holding weapon. Dhritarastra says a culprit cannot speak. Madanjay says when is already punished, he will not keep quiet and says he will oppose maharaj’s decision. Bhism asks how dare he is to oppose maharaj and kills him with arrow. He asks khatriyas with anyone is dared to oppose maharaj now. Everyone stand still.

Precap: Bhism tells sooth son should be punished for holding weapon. Karn says he will not accept punishment.

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