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Suryaputra Karn 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn and Arjun’s battle contiinues. They both shoot arrow towards each other to break each other’s bows. Arjun’s bow breaks and Karn smiles. Arjun reminisces Drona’s words that he should use things around him as weapon and uses stone as weapon. Karn breaks stone with his weapon and boasts that he is Arjun’s guru Drona and Bhism’s guru bhai, bhagwan Parashuram’s shishya/student. Arjun says he will break his arrogance and brings brahmastra. Karn gets bigger astra than him. Bhism tells Drona if these 2 astras clash, they will destroy everything. Kunti runs out and prays Suryadev to save his both sons, one of whom is his son. Suryav/sun sets. Drona plays shank and says today’s competition is finished. Duryodhan asks who is the winner. Bhism

says it will be announced tomorrow in raj sabha. Karn asks if his challenge will not be filled. Bhism says his challenge went void after sun set and if he speaks, it will be insult of hastinapur. Karn helplessly stands.

Kunti walks into jungle and addresses suryadev because of their mistakes, their son Karn is suffering and she is helpless that she cannot stop her sons from fighting. Suryadev appears and says gods don’t do any mistakes. She left a small child alone to die and now is worried about him seeing him in trouble, but he as a father was behind him since he was born till now and protected him and fulfilled his responsibilities as a father. She says she wants her elder son Karn to be with his younger brother instead of fighting with them. She hears shank sound and says today her sons’ destiny will be written.

At rajsabha, Vidur scolds Shakuni for changing competition rules and says between pandavas and kauravas, Arjun stood til last and hence should be yuvraj. Arjun says he was representing his elder brother Yudistra, so he should be yuvraj. Karn enters and says someone else also stood undefeated til last and still battle is not finished, so he is challenging him to fight again. Shakuni smirks and tells Duryodhan that Karn will break Vidur’s illusion. Vidur asks Karn he is not invited into raj sabha. Duryodhan says he forgot that Dhritarastra made Karn as Ang pradesh’s raja. Dhritastra says he is right. Bhism says that does not mean Karn can come here without invitation and should learn rules. Karn tells Dhritarastra that he came here with a request. Dhritarastra asks what he needs. Karn says he wants to finish yesterday’s competition. Bhism says it is finished after sunset. Karn ays sunrise has happened again and he wants to compete and tells Arjun if he is same arjun who does not care about rajneet and is yodha, he will fight with him. Arjun says he is same and accepts to fight.

Precap: Duryodhan suggests to finish Karn’s raj abhishek before attacking Panchal.

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