Suryaputra Karn 20th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 20th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn finds Krishna/sarathi playing bansuri/flute and thinks how did he get bansuri. Krishna plays beautiful music. Karn gets mesmerized and reminisces time spent with Shon. His mind calms down. Krishna asks how is he feeling now. Karn says calm, stabilized, peaceful. Krishna asks if he wants to fight with Krishna even now. Karn says he cannot break his promise made to Jarasand and has to fight and says let us go now. Krishna smiles and starts chariot again.

Duryodhan in raj sabha reads message that vanars have sent a request to felicitate mata Kunti. Bheem asks why did vanars send message through him instread of sending it to maharaj or yuvraj. Duryodhan says he had called Purchon and he while passing through vanar’s town brought this message. Bheem asks why did he call

Purochan, if he is building a new palace. Duryodhan stammers. Shakuni interferes and says duryodhan that his secret is exposed and tells pandavs that Duryodhan is building palace to gift them.

While riding chariot, Krishna continues his moral gyaan. Karn silently listens. Krishna says they would have reached destiny soon if he would have dried lake with his arrows. Karn says he already told that he is not a cruel killer. They reach jungle’s end and sees bushes. Karn says these bushes were not here earlier and gets down to check. A big snake clutches Krishna and he pleads Karn to help. Karn kills snake with his arrow. Krishna asks why did he kill snake and not water animals, even snake wanted to live. Karn says there was no other go to save his life. Krishna says he was explaining him the same.

Krishna continues riding chariot and after sometime says he is tired and needs to eat. He gets out of chariot and eats butter. Karn thinks how did he get butter suddenly and asks to give him some. Krishna says he does not share butter normally, but since he is his companion now, he will share it. Karn also enjoys butter. They ride chariot again and Krishna gives Karn moral gyaan that he should not promise anyone before knowing their intention and gives Jarasand and other examples. He also says krishna and Karn have same qualities and explains in detail.

Krishna takes Karn to battle field and says he brought him to his destiny on time and asks what is he thinking now. Karn asks him to read his mind as he is expert charioteer. Krishna smiles and so Karn.

Precap: Krishna shows Karn his godly avatar. Karn is surprised that charioteer is Vasudev Krishna and gets happy.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Dhaval Jhaveri

    It is amazing that even before lord Krishna became charioteer to Arjuna, he was first charioteer of Karna. Also it is a fact that before the Mahabharata war, lord Krishna & Karna were good friends of each other. Also after the war, it is said that the last rites of Karna was performed by lord Krishna himself. Hence Karna got a unique glory from Lord Krishna.

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