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Suryaputra Karn 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn warns Arjun that he will give him same peaceful and respectful death as his son Vrishasen. Duryodhan angrily throws fire on Bhism’s tent. Drona sets off fire and Bhism if he is fine. Bhism nods yes. Drona shouts who set Bism’s tent on fire. Duryodhan says he did as they lost Vrishasen due to Bhism love for Pandavs. He dismisses Bhism from senapati designation and asks him to go and rest. Drona warns him to stop insulting Bhism. Duryodhan says Bhism is more on Pandav’s side than them. He asks Karn to take senapati’s designation and guide their army. Bhism reminisces Kunti’s request not to let 2 brothers fight and says he will not let Karn step in battlefield. Duryodhan asks who will protect

him tomorrow. Bhism says he will protect him tomorrow and Arjun or Bheem has to bend infront of his arrows.

War restarts in the morning. Bhism gets ready for war after a bath and stands with Kauravs against Pandavs. Duryodhan asks Bhism to tell his plan and prove his competency.. Bhism says there is no plan and walks towards Pandavs. Arjun tells Krishna it looks Bhism wants to stop this war. Krishna says he wants to finishe enemies. Bhism attacks Pandavs and warns them to submit themselves or face war. Yudistra asks what submission, he knows they are on right path. Bhism starts killing Pandavs army. Arjun panics. Bheem asks him to retaliate. Arjun attacks Bhism. Bhism retaliates and warns to submit or die.

Arjun asks Bhism to let Kaurav arm fight along with him. Bhism says okay and attacks all Pandavs. Krishna’s eyes redden in anger. Bhism continues killing Pandav army till 9th day of war. Arjun sees Bhism’s chariot towards Yudistra and asks him to do something. Bhism attacks Yudistra and asks him to submit himself instead of losing his soldiers’ lives. Duryodhan and Shakuni laugh. Abhimanyu attacks Bhism. Bhism asks him to get away from his route, else submit. He breaks Abhimanyu’s bow. Arjun says they will not submit and will fight till they have last drop of blood in their body. Bhism says if this is his decision, then face his angst. He injures his shoulder.

Krishna angrily gets up and warns Bhism not to force him to hold weapon. Bhism says he is following his duty and nobody can stop him. Krishna jumps from chariot and picks chariot wheel. Bhism stops.

Precap: Bhism says he accepts his mistake and is ready to face his end. Shikhandini attacks him.

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