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Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says he likes tree as they give us shelter, peace, they also give us a teaching that they become immortal by spreading their seeds and giving birth to many trees before leaving this world, so the moral is if one spreads his good teachings in this world, he will be immortal even if body leaves this world.

Kauravs and Pandavs war continues. Drishyadumna and Drupad trap Asthwathma and attack him. Karn comes to his rescue and confronts Drishyadumna and Drupad. Arjun comes and challenges Karn and Karn gets busy fighting with him. Drupad attacks Ashwathama and says his father won his kingdom and gave half as charity, he will kill his son now and take revenge. Ashwathama taunts when he could not protect his daughter Draupadi, how

will he protect himself now. Their fight starts. Drupad injures Ashwathama and is about to shoot final arrow when Drona stops him and says he is having enemity with him and should fight with him instead of his son. Drupad says he gave half of his won kingdom to his son, so his son will be killed today. He continues shooting arrows on Ashwathama and he falls down.

Drona shoots arrows and breaks Drupad’s bow. Drupad falls down and throws mud on Ashwathama and then pierces sword in his body. Drona gets much angry and showers arrows on him and burns him alive with agni yantra. Drushyadumna shouts dad….. Sanjay informs Dhritarastra that Drona burnt Drupad alive with his arrows. Dhritarastra gets happy that Drona fulfilled his promise. Drona runs towards injured Ashwathama and asks him to go from battlefield as he is severely injured. Ashwathama says he is a warrior and will not go. Drushyadumna shouts at Drona that he did not let him to perform his father’s last right and starts showering arrows. Drona orders Ashwathama to go from here and Ashwathama leaves. Krishna signals Bheem and Yudistra to capture Ashwathama if they want to kill Drona. Bheem is busy fighting with Duryodhan and walks out saying he is sparing him for now as he Krishna called him. He and Yudistra start following Ashwathama.

Drona calls Karn and requests him to save severely injured Ashwathama from Bheem and Yudistra. Karn says he will not let Karn go. Karn creates storm barrier and leaves from there. Krishna suggests Arjun to stop Karn to reach Ashwathama, else they may not be able to kill Drona. Drona injures Drushyadumna and he falls down. Bheem throws Ashwathama on floor and injures him and shouts. Drona hears Bheem shouting and thinks what if he is trying to kill Ashwathama and rushes towards Ashwathama. Krishna comes there and lies that Bheem killed Ashwathama and this war is over. Bheem comes with Yudistra and shouts that he killed Ashwathama. Karn reaches Ashwathama and realizes that Pandavs tricked him to kill Drona. He picks Ashwathama and says let us go.. Drona asks Yudistra to tell that his son is alive. Yudistra reminisces Krishna telling that he cannot live, so he should deny answering Drona. Yudistra says he does feel answering Kaurav’s senapati. Drona says he is his guru and needs his answer. Yudistra lies that Bheem killed Ashwathama and reminices Krishna telling Bheem will kill Ashwathama named elephant, so he has to say Ashwathma is dead. Drona asks Yudistra again to tell if his son is alive. Yudistra says Ashwahama is dead, but he was an elephant. Just then Krishna blows shank so that Drona cannot hear this.

Drona is shattered to hear this and drops his weapon down and himself kneels down on earth in a shock. Krishna starts his moral gyaan that Drona became teacher from acharya and got blind in his son’s love and ruined himself. Karn rushes with Ashwahama on his chariot and orders charioteer to hurry up. Drushyadumna gets up holding sword and beheads Drona from behind wrongly while Drona is mourning his son’s death and does not notice what is happening around him. Kauravs are shocked.

Precap: Duryodhan makes Karn his arm’s senapati. Krishna tells Arjun that now Karn will take his own decisions.

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