Suryaputra Karn 20th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 20th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan continues bashing Bheem. Pandavs shout at Bheem to get up and attack Duryodhan. Duryodhan pins down Bheem and says now Panchali will have to come to him. He immerses Bheem’s face in lake water. Arjun shouts at Bheem to get up. Bheem gets up and attacks, but falls down again.

Sanjay informs all the incidents happening live to Dhritarastra and Gandhari. Bheem tricks Duryodhan and illegaly attacks Duryodhan’s thigh. Balram stops him and says he did adharma by attacking Duryodhan’s thigh, now he will kill him. Krishna stops him and says he promised to kill whoever wins with illegal tricks, so he should let the fight finish.

Bheem continues attacking Duryodhan’s thighs and breaks his legs. Duryodhan falls unconscious. Bheem then shouts that he killed 100 brothers and became a murderer of 100 siblings. He fulfilled his promise made to Draupadi..

Balram angrily says Bheem did adharma and now he will kill Bheem. Sanjay informs same to Dhritarastra. Dhritarastra cries loudly to kill Bheem as he killed his 100 sons. Bheem says Balram he helped in establishing dharma by killing Duryodhan as per Krishna’s instructions, and if Krishna’s brother wants to kill him, he is ready to die. Balram picks his weapon to attack, but Krishna stops him and says Duryodhan did adharma first by continuing to beat Bheem even after Bheem’s weapon fell down, it is illegal to attack weaponless warrior, so killing him illegally is dharma..

Precap: Ashwathama promises Duryodhan to kill Bheem. He goes to Bheem’s tent and kills someone sleeping wearing blanket. Draupadi enters and shouts Aaryaaaa…..

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