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Suryaputra Karn 20th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn shooting arrow from his leg and breaking stone into pieces. Shon jumps happily and asks khatrriya kid to touch Karn’s feet. Karn says it is okay as it is a friendly game among friends. Minister asks Tauji how dare he is to teach conspiracy to low case children. Tauji says he is encouraging him to identify their potential. Minister leaves fuming.

Minister gather his soldiers and orders to kill Karn. Soldier says he is a small 9-year-old kid and even king does not kill small kid. Minister says before he is harmful to them, they should punish him so severely that he should remember it his whole life. Soldier says tauji sold him fake chariot as divya rath/magic chariot. Mantri says if they arrest and kill Tauji, karn will remember his whole life.


is busy teaching morale to karn and shon when minister enters with soldiers and arrests him for selling fake chariot. Adhirath tries to interfere, but minister pushes him and drags tauji on horses and ties him to a pole under wood fire. Adhirath tries to resist, but is unsuccessful. Minister tells tauji that he will be killed for his mistake. Tauji asks him to present him in front of king. Minister says he is powerful and holds law. He say she will spare him if he orders karn to stop practicing archery and show his magical/special powers. Tauji laughs and asks if he is afraid of a small kid. Minister says he is protecting religion and law. Tauji says he will not snatch karn’s motto of life and is ready to burn under fire. Minister sets afire and continues shouting to promise him he will stop karn archery. Tauji nods no…

Karn comes running holding bow and arrow. He frees Tauji with his arrow. Shon sees him and gets happy. He shoots at soldiers one by one and kills. He then sees many more soldiers coming on horse and throws arrow on a lamp and it drops on horses, killing them all. He then runs and hugs Tauji. He takes Tauji and runs from there, leaving minister fuming.

Karn takes Tauji home. Adhirath tells Radha that they will have to leave the village right now and asks her to pack all their clothes while he prepares chariot. Shon tells Karn no need to worry as he can kill all soldiers. Radha shouts that Karn is divya/inevitable, but shon can be killed. He always gets trouble and will be reason for their death. they all walk out and sees minister with his soldiers waiting outside their house.

Precap: Minister burns Adhirath’s house and tries to kill Karn. Karn stops him and promises that he will not hold bow and arrow again. Minister says he will cut his hand for holding bow and arrow.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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