Suryaputra Karn 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn sees Arjun as eunuch wearing woman’s clothes holding bow and arrow and target a far away flower and thinks why he thinks he knows this woman. Nakul signals Arjun and he keeps back arrow and bow and leaves. Duryodhan comes and tells Karn that Kichak sent a message to meet Virat king an dtakes him along. Pandavs gather and ask Nakul why he called them. Nakul says Duryodhan with Karn and Shakuni has reached here to meet his friend Kichak. Bheem says he may have got a news that they are here and asks where is Panchali. Nakul says he gave signal even to her, but she did not come. Panchali tries to walk out hurriedly, but a servant stops her and asks her to help her keep items for guests. Panchali/Sairandari says she has important

work. Servant says if she does not help, maharaj will be angry. Panchali helplessly follows her. Yudistra says Panchali must have gone to serve rani and if Duryodhan sees her, she will be in trouble. Yudistra says he will go and get her out as only he can go near maharaj.

Kichak introduces Duryohdan as very powerful, etc. Duryodhan asks him not to boast him. Panchali wearing veil enters with servants. Arjun oberves her keenly. Bheem asks Yudsitra why is he risking his life. Yudistra says he has to save Panchali from Duryodhan at any cost and asks him to go back to kichen and be alert. Bheem says he waited always, during hastinapur’s gambling, he waited, but Yudistra lost everything. Yudistra says he regrets for that, but he will take revenge for the 12 years they spent in vanvas. Bheem says he trusts him, but if Duryodhan harms Panchali again, he will kill him and is ready to go back 12 more years of vanvas.

Kichak tells Duryodhan that his friend Karn is showing interest in servant. Shakuni says it is good if Karn is showing interest in servant also instead of battlefield. Kichak says he has first right of service than guest and asks panchali to come and wash his legs first. Panchali washes his legs in bowl. He sees her face in bowl and gets mesmerized with her beauty. He holds her veil and removes it. Panchali looks at Duryodhan looking somewhere else. He then extends hands to turn her around. Another servant tries to wash Karn’s feet, but he stops her and says he does not think woman is so low to wash man’s feet and says he will wash his feet himself. Panchali tries to leave. Kichak starts misbehaving with her and says she is fearing, but he will make her fearless. He tries to remove her veil again and she pushes her hand. He says he liked her daring act. Karn fumes and is about to confront Kichak when Yudistra enters with Rani. Rani stops Kichak and says she has promised to protect Sairandari and asks panchali to go from there. Kichak says he liked her name.

Bheem at kitchen waits for Panchali and sees other servants returning. Servants discuss that Kichak held Sairandari and will spoil her now. Bheem angrily picks knife and angrily walks towards raj sabha when he sees Panchali coming and gets happy that she is safe and Yudistra fulfilled his promise.

Kichak tells Duryodhan that he will introduce him to his team and they will help him in his motto. Shakuni asks Karn to go out and wait. Karn says he came to protect yuvraj. Shakuni says it is yuvraj’s order. Karn angrily leaves, passes by Yudistra but does not notice him. Duryodhan tells Kichak that he doubts Pandavs are hiding in Virat. Kichak is engrasped in Panchalis toughts. Duryodhan wakes him up and repeats sentence and says Pandavs are distinct and if they search properly, they can be found. Draupadi can be found even behind veil. Kichak reminisces Sairandari’s face and says some woman’s face cannot be forgotton. Duryodhan says 5-husband Draupadi is very arrogant and even now must be arrogant. Kichak says finding woman and enjoying them is his favorite past time and asks him not to worry, he wll find out Pandavs. Shakuni asks if Virat will agree for this. Kichak says Virat just wears throne and is his puppet. Virat raja sits helplessly. Kichak says he will find out Pandavs soon.

Karn stands in balcony and thinks he is sure Duryodhan will seek Kichak’s help to find out Pandavs, if pandavs would have been in front of him, he would have alerted them and fulfiled his promise made to Kunti. He walks in corridor and seees Arjun there and thinks he surely knows this woman.

Precap: Kichak asks rani why she is fond of Sairandari. Rani says Sairandhari has protection of 5 super powers.

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