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Suryaputra Karn 20th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn reaching palace with people to save Adhirath. Guards stop him. He sees Vidur passing and runs towards him. Vidur asks why can’t he wait for justice till morning. Karn says Maha muni Vyas said forcing to wait for justice is also injustice. Vidur says he remembers morales very well. Karn asks if he does not. Vidur asks him to go to his village and wait till morning as raja Dhritarastra cannot meet him till morning. Karn sadly waits.

Bhism takes newborn in his hands and asks servants to take Gandhari out of room. Shakuni asks Gandhari not to go as Dhritarastra wants to kill newborn. Gandhari pleads not to. Dhritarastra reminisces Bhism’s words and orders servants to send her out. They take Gandhari and Shakuni out and lock door. Shakuni slits

gaurd’s throat and takes Gandhari in. Dhritarastra reminisces Karn’s words that neither father nor son sacrifice each other. He shouts that he cannot kill his child and keeps his name as Duryodhan, who cannot be defeated.

Karn prays surya dev that he always shows him path of truth and even now he should. Madanjay orders his other 2 puppets to kill the puppet whom Karn has caught. He enters between public and asks him to note down all sooth/low caste people’s name as he needs it tomorrow. One of them says he is not afraid of him and tells his name. Everyone say their name one by one. Two puppets come near caught puppet and stab him to death. Karn runs towards puppet and is shocked to see him dying on floor.

Madanjay orders soldiers to arrest sooth as they killed khsatriya. Sooth ask why will they kill their evidence. Madanjay says they killed his puppet as they don’t want their truth to come out. Karn says madanjay killed his puppet. Madanjay asks who will believe him and all sooth will be given death sentence for killing khatriya. Sooth fall on his feet and ask him not to punish them. Tauji ask them not to fall into madanjay’s trap. Sooth say they are not related to karn in anyway and will not become scapegoat for him.

Karn walks crying and tells god that he feels defeated now and cannot save his father. Tauji comes and says he will not be defeated until he accepts his defeat. Karn says he does not find any way. Tauji encourages him with his moral speech and asks him to get up and fight.

Precap: Bhism tells raja that sooth son/karn does not have right to hold arms and he should be punished. Karn says he did not do any sin and will not accept punishment.

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  1. yashwanth reddy

    To highlight karn character they ruining legendary bishm and vidur characters

  2. Vry nys epi.ths is de one nd only shw Whch brings out the reality of mahabharat chrs.i hv seen many shws relatd to mahabhart.but no1 shwd tht radha has 1 mre son nd she didnt accept karn til he was 9.i thougt tht radha hs no issues,so she brgt up karn as hr own son.ths shw brngs out mre unknwn facts abt mahabt.i lve ths shw. vidur nd bhism r toomuch egoistic.richu,i wil tqy 2 pst d lnk.gud nyt my dr little karn,suyodhan nd sweet richu

  3. nyce episode……. and that madanjay charecter os a vv negative one he is full of ego 😛

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