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Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Arjun asks Krishna why did he step on leaf. He says it was needed and whatever he will do is also needed. He says it is true that Barbarik’s 3 arrows are unique. Bheem asks if it is great news. Krishna says for dharm, it is bad news, it is between dharma and adharma and Barbarik has become a problem for them, so his end is for sure and he will be killed. He gets his sudharshan chakra. All pandavs get tensed. Bheem runs and pleads Krishna not to kill Barbarik until he is alive, Sudharshan chakra has to cross his head to reach Barbarik. Krishna says this is destiny and he has to end Barbarik. Arjun interferes and says there must be some solution, they can keep Barbarik away from war. Gatotkach says he will send his son from

here and pleads not to punish his son. Krishna sends back his sudharshan chakra. All Pandavs thank him. Barbarik tells Gatotkach says he has to take part in war. Gatotkach asks him to keep quiet. Barbarik says he is a warrior and will either win the battle or become martyr.

Yudistra says Kauravs will be harmed by Barbarik and not them. Krishna says Barbarik knows the truth. Bheem says Barbarik will fight from their side. Barbarik says he has promised maata that he will fight on weak team’s behalf. Bheem says they are week between Pandavs and Kauravs, so Barbarik will fight for them. Barbarik says only Kauravs will be harmed and before his family is harmed, he will keep his head on his feet. Krishna says he is not seeing truth, he does not know what will happen if he takes part in war and keeps thumb on his forehead. Barbarik sees himself between battle in front of Kaurav and Krishna says at first he will be on Pandav’s side but situation will change, when Kauravs will die, Pandavs will become powerful and as per his promise, he will attack Pandavs, so he war will spoil. Barbarik sees Pandav army dead and cries loudly. Krishna says this is truth, if he takes part in this war, this is inevitable.

Barbarik says warrior choses its war, if he does not have this right. Krishna says war chooses warrior instead. Barbarik asks what he has to do now. Krishna says he has to sacrifice himself. Bheem and Arjun say no…Barbarik says he always says every human comes with a motto, he also wanted to watch war and Krishna participating in it. Krishna promises him that he will watch war but will not participate and there is only 1 way, which he knows. Barbarik says he understood, picks his bow and arrow and says he sacrifices his head in god Krishna’s feet. He shoots arrow and chants bhagwan shyaam ki. Arrow beheads him and head falls in front of Krishna’s feet. Krishna stands sadly. Gatotkach cries on Bheem’s shoulder that his son wanted to participate in war, but sacrificed himself before that. Krishna says Barbarik’s wish will fulfill for sure. He sends Barbarik’s head on a cliff and says he is lone evidence of this dharma yuddha and he will be prayed as Ghatushyam. He will help whoever seeks help from him, he will be known as a sacrificer.

Precap: Suryadev informs Karn that Indra will come in brahmin’s disguise tomorrow morning. Karn says he knows he will ask kavacha kundals. Suryadev requests not to go to ghat tomorrow morning.

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  1. I just loved the episode how krishna always help pandavas and i just love their Gyan. Knowledge given by them is vry meaningful.

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