Suryaputra Karn 1st September 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 1st September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shon’s hands are tied to pillars for punishment. Duryodhan and Dushyasan smirk seeing that. Bhism enters to punish Shon. Radha comes running and is shocked to see her son tied for punishment. Adhirath stops her from going near Shon. She pleads Karn to stop Bhism. Bhism picks hunter with trembling hands. Duryodhan and Dushyasan get more happy seeing the situation. Shon asks Bhism to start his punishment. Duryodhan orders Bhism to obey maharaja’s order. Bhism apologizes Shon and lashes him with hunter. Karn and his team cries seeing it. Shon bears lashes silently. Bhism asks him to shout to lessen his pain. Shon says when he has to bear pain, why should he shout. Bhism continues lashing him. Radha starts crying vigorously. Shon’s backs fills with wounds and blood.


comes near Shon and shouts at people that sooth’s son is punished for laughing on rajkumar. Bhism strangulates his neck and asks him to get out. He then frees Shon’s hands. Adhirath and Radha run and hold Shon. Bhism praises Shon that he did good by not shouting. He apologizes him and his family and promises that he will give him whatever he asks once. Shon says he will never ask him anything. Adhirath takes Shon from there for treatment.

Bhism looks at Karn and he breaks stick angrily. Vaishali asks Karn to come now. Karn walks near Bhism and says even today a kshatriya showed his power on sooth. Bhism says he did not want to punish shon. Karn says he would have stopped Shon’s punishment, but he did not and did injustice. Bhism says if he does not stop alleging him, even he will be punished. Karn says he is not a mood to be punished and reminds Bhism that he will examine him on mahotsav day, he will force him to punish that day. Either he will die or a yodhya/warrior will be born that day. Bhism angrily watches him leaving.

Bhism angrily returns to palace. He sees Dhritarastra feeling a cloth and asking servant to stitch a dress for him. Bhism says if he knows he will look good or bad wearing it. Dhritarastra says he is blind and cannot distinguish. Bhism says he did same by punishing innocent Shon. Dhritarastra says if he had not punished Shon, people would have insulted rajkumars. Bhism angrily continues confronting him and says he is unfit to be a king.

Karn lashes himself reminiscing his family’s insult repeatedly by khsatriyas. Vaishali stops him and he says he is reason for his family’s punishment. She asks him to go home as Shon needs him. Karn says he cannot see Shon’s pain and says he hopes he would have been punished instead of Shon. Vaishali says he is a boon for their clan and only hope to gain back their respect from Hastinapur.

Bhism tells Dhritarastra that he will go and order Pandu to make his elder son as king. Shakuni enters crying and says Pandu and his mother are dead.

Precap: Shakuni says Kunti and her son are in jungle alone. Bhism orders Dhritarastra to bring them to hastinapur.

Update Credit to: MA

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