Suryaputra Karn 1st July 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 1st July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He says a dry dead leaf easily falls down and on earth with just a blow of air, but it mixes in soil and becomes manure, the moral is nothing is waste in this world, everything is useful.

Nakul and Sahdev try to stop Karn. Karn shoots arrows on them. Yudistra and Bheem get tensed that Karn killed Nakul and Sahdev but relax seeing just arrows confining them. Duryodhan punches Bheem and says now he will feel how it will be to lose brothers and asks Karn to kill them both. Karn says he wants to kill Kauntya/Kunti’s son Arjun and rushes behind Arjun.

Krishna continues riding chariot away from battlefield. Arjun asks Krishna repeatedly to stop. Krishna says if he forgot his another name is ranchor/deserter. Karn continues

calling Arjun to stop. Karn asks Madraraj to speed up. Madraraj says he would not spare him for sparing Nakul and Sahdev, he will take his revenge at any cost. He will ride chariot slowly. Arjun continues asking Krishna to stop. Krishna says he wil stop when at an appropriate place and continues riding.

Kunti continues lighting lamps in front of shivling in her room and praying god to protect both Karn and Arjun. She hears soldiers bringing injuried warriors and runs into base camp to see Draupadi nursing Nakul and Sahdev’s wounds. Nakul and Sahdev say Karn injured them, he would have easily killed them, but confined them and spared, they don’t know why. Kunti gets tensed and runs to her room. She prays Shivji to protect her both sons Karn and Arjun. Draupadi enters and is shocked to hear that. She goes to her tent and reminisces Karn protecting her many times. She tells Nakul and Sahdev that she knows why Karn spared them.

Karn continues following Arjun provoking him for war. Arjun turns and attacks him. Arrow hits Karn and Karn praises him. Karn then injures Arjun. Krishna continues riding chariot in opposite direction. Their fight continues. Karn praises Arjun for fighting even when his chariot is going in opposite direction, but Arjun insults him that it is different between sooth putra and khatriya. Karn says arrows will hit khsatriya today.

Kunti informs her sons that Karn is her elder son. Yudistra cries. Nakul Sahdev say they insulted their elder brother whole life. Bheem asks why did she hide this truth. Draupadi tells they should hurry and stop 2 brothers fighting, Karn is the one who protected her many times.

Karn continues following Arjun and asks Krishna if he wants to make Arjun a deserter. Krishna stops chariot.

Precap: Karn’s chariot stucks in ditch. Karn says Krishna that he is ready to sacrifice his life. Krishna orders Arjun to kill Karn. Arjun shoots arrow. Karn smilingly closes eyes.

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  1. Did anyone noticed:
    1. Had Kunti identified Karn as her son on the day of Competition itself; Karn – as the eldest prince, would automatically succeed Dhritarashtra and there would have been No question of war, no destruction and deaths.
    2. Again Draupadi herself invited her humilation (the ultimate cause of the war), by insulting Duryodhan as son of blind, and thereby provoking him to the adharmas at the dice games.

    So ironic, Two women responsible for the great war and the million deaths therein.

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