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Suryaputra Karn 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krishna asks Karn to not keep question in his mind and ask his question. Karn asks how does he know he has a question in his mind. Krishna says reading his carrier’s mind is charioteer’s important quality. He continues giving moral gyaan. Jarasand follows chariot and shouts that he will not let vasudev Krishna fool him now. Krishna senses him and starts sand storm. Soon chariot vanishes from Jarasand’s eyes. Jarasand shouts in anger.

Krishna takes chariot near lake and says Karn that river came in their way and they have to pass this river if they have to reach destiny on time. Karn says they came in river’s way instead. Krishna says he is a great warrior, so he can use agni baan and dry river.

Karn says he is a warrior and not cruel killer to kill water animals, so they should find a low water area through which they can pass their chariot and horses. Krishna continues driving chariot and then says chariot is stuck in pothole. Karn gets out and tries to remove chariot wheel from pothole with great difficulty. He asks Krishna to get down as he cannot push chariot with him sitting. Krishna gets out of chariot and with one push gets chariot out. Karn says let us travel now. Krishna says there is no other go than drying lake to reach destiny. Karn says there is a way and builds a bridge with his arrows. Krishna says he liked his thinking to save water and animals.

Jarasand asks soldiers if they found Karn. Soldiers say they searched Karn everywhere, but did not find him, looks like Krishna took Karn to a hidden spot. Jarasand says Karn will not break his promise and will reach battle field on time and asks soldiers to get ready.

Krishna gets out of chariot and gets into jungle. Karn follows him and sees him resting on grass. He asks why did he come here and sleeping. Krishna says he is just resting as they have to reach destiny soon, else he would have slept. He then starts playing basuri/flute. Karn is surprised but relaxes.

Precap: Krishna asks Karn how is he feeling now. Karn says calm, stabilized, peaceful. Krishna asks if he wants to fight even now or go back to Ang.

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