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Suryaputra Karn 19th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Krishna tells Shakuni that he accepts this alliance as Samb’s father, but alliance should come from bride’s father. Duryodhan gives Laxmana’s hand in Samb’s hand and says hesistantly accepts this aliance. Krishna says he is happy to know his decision and says let us go and arrange this marriage, it is a double happiness. Shakuni says definitely and tells Duryodhan that they came for Arjun and Uttara’s marriage and is getting Laxmana and Samb’s marriage also, says defeating enemy emotionally is also a win and loudly says Dwarka and Hastinapur are relatives now and will not fight. Arjun asks what does he mean. Shakuni says Vasudev is their relatives and Dwarka will be on Hastinapur’s side during

war. Arjun says Krishna is related to them first as he is their cousin and also brother-in-law as Subadhra is his sister. Bheem shouts. Shakuni asks him to enjoy marriage and let decision on Dwarka itself, only Krishna will tell whose side he is on. Balram says Dwarka will not be on anyone’s side and it is his decision. Both sides are his relatives, so he will not take anyone’s side. Shakuni says it is his decision, but what about Krishna’s decision. Balram says even Krishna will not take part in this war. Krishna says whatever Dau says is also his wish, Dwarka will not take part in this war.

Balram leaves. Shakuni smirks at Krishna and asks how was his game. Krishna says he played a nice game and won even this game. Shakuni laughs and says along with him even he cannot take part in this war, they both have lots of time to play this game. Bride’s family gives gifts to groom’s family, so he will give him best gift and gives dices. Krishna holds dice and looks at it. Shakuni says this gift will remind him of his defeat.

Vrishsen sits on the bank of river and reminisces insulting his father repeatedly. Karn comes and asks what is he doing here, he should be with Samb as it is life’s most important day. Vrishasen walks silently. Karn stops him and asks why did not he reply. He asks turn and look at him as he can understand his feeling, he has also undergone through same feeling when he walked on the path of change. Vrishasen says there is nothing like that. Karn says he considers Samb as his family member, so he attacked his father. He felt pain seeing from a father’s eyes, but when he saw as a friend, he is proud of him. He was feeling same pain once when he left his dear ones and went on the path of truth, he is happy that he gave importance to his duty than family. Vrishasen stops him and says he does not agree to him and did this for his family, not for change, Samb is his family. He thanks Karn for reminding that he should be with Samb and leaves. Karn thinks one day he will realize that he is going on his father’s path unknowingly and then he will be happy.

Laxmana/Samb and Uttara/Abhimanyu’s marriage ceremony starts. Duryodhan reminisces Shakuni forcing him to agree to Laxmana and Samb’s marriage. He angrily walks towards Shakuni and Shakuni gets afraid and slips off from there. Duryodhan catches him. Shakuni asks why did he came here leaving marriage ceremony, with god’s grace marriage is going well. Duryodhan strangulates his neck and says it is because of his trick.

Precap: Krishna tells Shakuni that not taking Dharm’s side is also adharm.

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