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Suryaputra Karn 19th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Vidur telling Bhism that Ghandari’s son will become a big menace for this world. Bhism asks if he is sure. Vidur says his soul is telling this and it says today’s born child will be destroyed for sure. They both hear people and animals crying and get more tensed.

Madan’s puppet afraidly chants om namah shivay in front of shiva idol. Karn reaches temple with his friends and hides. A sadhu comes and asks puppet why is he chanting mantra at this time. Puppet says he is getting afraid seeing climatic changes and thinks something bad will happen to him. Sadhu blesses him and leaves. Puppet continues chanting mantra. Karn signals Vaishali and she throws stone on him. He gets more afraid and asks who is it. Karn then takes cloth and puts it

on him. Puppet shouts for help.

Gandhari picks her newborn child happily and congratulates Dhritarastra. Dhritarastra gets happy, but then get sad and asks servant if this child is blind like him. Servant says rajkumar is looking at rani, so he is not blind. Dhritarastra happily extends his hands to pick child, but Vidur stops him and says he cannot touch child before his bath. He says he has to talk to him something important.

Vidur suggests Dhritarastra to kill his new born son. Dhritarastra shouts how can he. Vidur says this child will bring problems to him and will be a reason for Hastinapur’s destroyal. Shakuni asks if he is afraid of a small kid. Vidur says he is worried about this child’s future. Shakuni asks why don’t he kill other children born at this time and asks it is injustice. Vidur says Dhritarastra got gave him 100 sons and if he sacrifices 1 son, his kingdom will be saved, anyways rajkumars/princes sacrifice during wars. Shakuni asks Bhism if he is so ruthless to kill a newborn. Bhism says he is shivering thinking of killing a newborn, but he agrees to sacrifice him for kingdom’s benefit.

Dhritarastra says Bhism he got a child after many years and how can he kill it now. Bhism says he has to for kingdom’s goodness. Shakuni asks why is he playing politics and asks if he is favoring Pandav’s sons. Bhism says for him both Pandav and Dhritarastra are same and since Dhritarastra is king, he has to take a decision for kingdom’s benefits first and then think as a father.

Karn and his friends tie Madan’s puppet and drops him in water repeatedly. He says Madan will come and punish them all. They drop him again in water. Puppet asks why they are torturing them. Karn says he wants to know why did he mix poison in well. He says he did not. They drop in water repeatedly. Karn says if he does not agree, he will throw him in front of fox. Puppet says he mixed poison on Madan’s order, but Adhirath will not get justice as he will not tell accept his sin in Raj sabha. Karn turns him, and he is shocked to see people standing in front of him and listening to his confession. One of them says they all heard his confession and will tell it in raj sabha. Tauji says just like honeybee does not worry about its life when it punishes someone, when a person thinks of winning, nobody can defeat him.

Soldier informs Vidur that people have gathered in raj sabha and insisting to meet maharaj. Vidur leaves. Dhritarastra starts crying. Bhism asks him to think well and if he cannot kill his son, he can asks someone. Dhritarastra says god wants his son to die in his arms. Shakuni asks what is he doing. Dhritarastra asks him to leave.

Madan kills his puppet and asks Karn how will he get justice now. Karn says Madan killed his puppet to escape from punishment.

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  1. nyce epi but i missed it 😥 plss can u post some pics related to today’s episode and tell me d repeat time hg lol gn tc

  2. Amazng epi.yes ths vidur is a big menace for Hastinapur.nd bhishm 2.who wil kil thr own kid?richu,i dont knw d repeat tlcst tming.i dont thnk sony repeats d shws.gud nyt karn ,suyodhan nd my sweet richu

  3. sooo sad i can.t even watch on net plss hg if u hav any video linkss then post pls………… nd u know karan is soon gonna grow up i saw their lastday shoot in sbb

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