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Suryaputra Karn 18th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn says Supriya that her god seems to be powerful and pious. Supriya says her god is Vasudev Krisha and describes his qualities. Karn reminisces Jarasand seeking his help to fight with Krishna and thinks he also prays Krishna, but helplessly have to fight with him now.

Duryodhan asks Karn to promise that he will kill magician Krishna, he is troubling Jarasand since a long time. Karn says he is not magician but true god. Krishna isintroduced. Duryodhan gives many examples and asks if he thinks Krishna is god even now. Karn says yes and explains reasons. Duryodhan says he challenged and won over Indra, that does not mean he is also god and instead he is struggling his whole life. Karn continues praising Krishna.

Duryodhan says Karn that he is talking like Dhritarastra and says wherever Krishna goes, place blossoms with flowers. Krishna is seen walking and flowers blossoming around. Karn says he does not know whose side to take.

Krishna enters as chariot driver and says Karn that a wrong path chosen makes a warrior into common man. Warrior has to chose right friends and path, else his life will be wasted. Duryodhan arrogantly asks him not to disturb 2 friends and asks who is he. Krishna says he is Jarasand’s servant and came to take him. Duryodhan continues his arrogancy. Krishna gives him also some moral gyaan and says these are a great person’s words and not his. He asks Karn if he wants to come with him or not. Karn says he will. Krishna smiles and says it is good for him, he came to take him on right path. Karn asks him to take him to Jarasand now. Krishna says sometimes we think of something and destiny takes us somewhere else. Karn sits on chariot and Krishna drives it.

Jarasand enters and Duryodhan looks at him surprisingly. Jarasand why is he looking at him so surprisingly, he came to take Ang Raj Karn. Duryodhan says Karn went with his sent chariot driver. Jarasand gets angry and says he is sure that magician Krishna took Karn.

Krishna drives chariot and gives Karn moral gyaan and says he chose to accompany him on this route, but after this new chapter will begin.

Precap: Jarasand tells he is sure Karn will reach battle field on time. Krishna is seen taking Karn on his chariot smiling.

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