Suryaputra Karn 18th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Duryodhan insults Bhism and asks what is he up to. Bhism asks why should he tell his plan to him. Karn praises Vrishasen and says he is proud to have a son like him. He teaches him tactics of war and how to find enemy’s next move, etc.

War restarts. Karavs form a protective barrier for Duryodhan. Krishna orders Bheem to move ahead with army and attack Duryodhan while Arjun and others keep Drona, Bhism, and others busy. Bheem rushes with a few soldiers. Vrishasen while fighting reminsices Karn’s teachings and thinks enemies want to kill Duryodhan. He rushes to save Duryodhan.

Bheem breaks barrier and warns Duryodhan to face his gadha. Arjun, Yudistra, Nakul, Sahdev also reach and attack Duryodhan. Vrishasen comes in between and faces Arjun’s arrow first. Duryodhan asks why did he come here, it is his and Pandav’s battle and he should go from here. Vrishasen says he will not go even if Ishwar orders him and says he will fulfill his duty of protecting yuvraj. Nakul attacks next with sword and Vrishasen bears it again. Duryodhan runs and holds him and asks why did he do this. Pandavs stand silently.. Duryodhan asks Vrishasen to go back to camp. Vrishasen says he will fight till his last breath and walks limping and shouts pitashri. Karn feels his son is calling him.

Precap: Bhism points arrow at Arjun and Krishna holds chariot wheel.

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  1. Virshshen is the best !!! Hats off to him

    1. There was no mention of vrishshen as a grt warrior in mahabharat. As dis is karn story so they r just dragging al d characters who relates to karn

  2. Vrishsen is really a great fighter..becoz he give a tough fight to arjun….this is mentioned in Mahabharata….

  3. Till now in mahabhart if you have read, that all is related to Pandavs only… in fact mention of karn or other worriers who are not related to pandav are very less.

    And further for your knowledge, once kunti has told about karn’s origin after karn’s death; due to karn was the eldest son therefore varshsen was made as the new king.
    In fact after dharmshetra, vrishsen has fought many war along with pandav’s.
    And this also shows how good warrior he was, who have survived in the dharmshetra

    1. You mean Vrishketu; karnas only son to survive the Mahabharat.

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