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Suryaputra Karn 18th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna’s start of episode moral gyaan begins. He gives gyaan about love for dear ones, if it is in limits, it is good and if is more than desired, it is a disaster and destroys oneself. One should know the limits and if he/she crosses it, it is path for his/her destroyal.

In raj sabha, Krishna says 2 brothers cannot fight and war should be the least solution. Dhritarastra asks then who he suggests. Krishna says peace or else divisions if 2 brothers cannot stand each other. They should divide Hastinapur. Duryodhan shouts impossible. Hastinapur’s raja is his father and after him, only he has right on throne. Bhism says division cannot happen, but. Dhritarastra says Bhism is right, division is not a solution and war is fine.

After raj sabha, Duryodhan tells Dhritarastra that he did right by not accepting division and failed Krishna’s plan. Karn tells Duryodhan Krishna’s suggestion is right, if Pandavs will be away forever after division, then he should agree for it. Duryodhan angrily says he stopped his raj abhishek today and now taking Pandav’s side. Shakuni taunts that Karn is afraid of Arjun and war. Karn says he can do anything to get his friend’s rights and is ready for a war.

Pandavs discussions starts next. Krishna continues his moral gyaan and says one should not stretch issue so much that it breaks, giving example of bow string. Arjun says he will finish Karn. Krishna says he should not take Karn lightly as he is guru Parashuram’s student who his guru’s guru. Karn asks he is on whose side. Krishna says he is on truth’s side and says though some people hide truth, pointing at Kunti.

Precap: Kunti tells Krishna that she is worried about her both sons Arjun and Karn and agrees that Karn is her elder son. Karn comes there and listens that.

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