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Suryaputra Karn 18th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Gandhari getting tensed hearing thunderstorms and lamps blowing off. She asks servant what is happening. Servant says due to heavy winds, lamps blew off and says she will light them again.

Karn tells his friends and shon that they have to kidnap whoever mixed poison in well. Friend says gram rakshak Madan’s puppet must have done it on his order. Vaishali says she heard puppet is walking towards shiv mandir/temple, so they will have to kidnap him. They all walk towards temple and see puppet riding his horse. They also get afraid seeing fox walking on the way. Friend says fox will attack.

Bhism reminisces Karn’s words that he is facing injustice. Maha muni Vyas comes to meet him. Bhism greets him. Vyas asks why is he tensed. Bhism says

a sooth/low caste told that he is facing injustice and says if that is the case, then people will stop believing god. Vyas asks if low caste people cannot live with dignity and self-respect. Bhism says they can, but it is wrong if sooth holds weapons. Vyas says khatriyas are doing injustice and misusing their power and are forcing public to revolt. Bhism asks what can he do in this case. Vyas says they can just wait for god’s incarnation again. Vidur comes and informs that Dhritarastra’s second child about to be born. Bhism asks when will Dhritarastra son will born. Vyas says soon, but it is a question if Dhritarastra’s son will give him happiness. Bhism gets tensed. Vyas leaves.

Vyas walks outside city, sees thunderstorms and realizes something inauspicious will happen. Gandhari hears her child seed pot shaking, holds it and says her son will born for sure. Bhism and Vidur see thunderstorm and get worried. Gandhari asks servant what is happening. Vidur asks Bhism what is happening. Bhism reminisces Vyas’s words and says we have to leave this place ASAP.

Karn sees foxes walking towards him and his team and takes out his knife. Foxes pass by without attacking them. All animals walk in 1 direction towards Rajbhavan and Karn says his mom says animals will know first whenever inauspicious happens. Shon asks what must be happening.

Gandhari asks Dhritarastra what is happening. He says it is sign of second son’s birth and says whenever a bad child is born, his rival who will kill him will also be born. It means Pandav’s second son is also born to kill his second son and asks his son to born soon.

Shakuni while traveling in his chariot sees animals walking towards rajbhavan and gets tensed. He reaches Gandhari soon. Bhism with Vidur enters and sees lamps falling down again. Child seed pot shakes again and a child comes out breaking the pot and cries vigorously. Shakuni and Gandhari smiles hearing child’s cry. Vidur and Bhism get tensed seeing child’s unusual signs.

Precap: Vidur says whenever a bad soul is born, whole world gets shattered. Bhism ask whom he is talking about. Vidur says Dhritarastra’s second son and says child’s destroyal is inevitable.

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  1. Amazng epi.welcm suyodhan.vidur lost hs mind.hw can he speak bd abt a baby.Did it al realy happen whn suyodhan was born,thumdrstorm,lampsblowng off etc.non sense.Whtevr i lk suyodhan.gud nyt little karn nd suyodhn

  2. yup welcm lov epi and dhritrashtra was in pain.. emotional part and suyodhan only child to be born with such a lot of effort,,,,,,,,,,,,

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