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Suryaputra Karn 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Arjun asks Krishna he wants proof why is Karn superior. Krishna says he will prove it and let him believe. Arjun asks what if he does not believe even then. Krishna says if he does not, he will not take Karn’s name again. Arjun says okay. Krishna turns 2 mountains into gold and says gold is sought by everyone and what if he says he has right on moutains and he should distribute them among villagers and should not leave anything. Arjun says okay, calls villagers and says he will distirbute mountain’s gold among them equally and they should stand in a que. PEople chant his name.

Gatotkach’s son Parparik carries someone on his shoulders and Gatotkach asks whom he is carrying. Parparik says an arrogant man who

thought he is very superior, but he is not. He drops man and Gatotkach is shocked to see Bheem. He scolds Parparik that he injured his grand father and did a big sin. Bheem wakes up and Gatotkach says Parparik is his grandson. Bheem gets happy seeing his grandson and says Parparik that he is proud to have a grandson like him who defeated him. Gatotkach asks reason for coming here. Bheem telsl about Mahabharath and asks if they will accompany him to war. Parparik says he is very proud to fight for his grandfather. Gatotkach says he will be happy to sacrifice his life for his father. Bheem says he is happy that his family is with him and they will win for sure. Gatotkach’s wife asks Parparik if he is not afraid to face such a big war. Parparik says he is from warrior clan and is proud to fight for his family.

Arjun gets tired distributing gold and tells Krishna he cannot distribute so much gold alone. Krishna says now he should stand silently and watch what happens next. Karn comes and asks Krishna why did he call him. Krishna says he wants him to do an important work and believes only he can do it. Karn smiles and says he is lucky to hear that. Krishna syhows gold mountains and says he wants him to distirbute these whole mountains between villagers. Karn says as he wishes, goes to villagers and asks them to distribute gold mountain among themselves equally. Arjun is surprised to hear that. Karn then geets Krishna and leaves. Krishna says Arjun that he had to distribute gold between villagers, but he himself got attracted to it and did not think who needs how much. Karn does not get attracted to anything and does his job selflessly, so Karn is a big sacrificer. He continues his explanation. Arjun says he understood what he means and why he values Karn more than him. Krishna says he is also dearer to him and he just wanted him to see Karn the way he sees, why Karn is called Daan veer Karn. Arjun says he understood. Indra dev gets jealous seeing Karn’s sacrifice and charity and now will show world what Karn is.

Krishna warns Karn that a big exam is awaited for him and he should be careful. Karn says he is happy to see his concern for him and even if he sacrifices his life, he will be very hapy. He greets Krishna and walks with a smile.

Precap: Krishna asks Parparik if he can finish war alone. Parparik says he will finish war with just 3 arrorws. Krishna says he needs proof and feels sorry for him.

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