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Suryaputra Karn 17th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yudistra asks Karn how to prove that Duryodhan killed Bheem. Karn says he has a plan. Sahdev and Nakul enter Duryodhan’s practice area and discuss that they have go to jungle with lots of medicine as per Yudistra’s order as Bheem is alive and needs medicine. Duryodhan says Dushyasan he will go and kill Bheem right now. Dusyashan says they have to inform mama shakuni first. Duryodhan says mama is busy with dad, so they don’t have time to think.

Duryodhan with dushyasan follows Nakul and Sahdev who meet Karn in jungle. Karn acts as giving medicine to sleeping Bheem and asks if someone saw them. They say no. He says he will drop them to palace as whoever poisoned Bheem will try to kill them. They all 3 go and hide behind tree with Arjun. Duryodhan comes out of

hiding and says Bheem poison did not kill him, but his gadha will and hits him with gadha. Bheem rolls over and escape and Duryodhan is shocked to see it is Yudistra instead. Yudistra says he accepted himself that he killed Bheem. Arjun and others come out of hiding and say now he cannot lie. Duryodhan tries to hit them with gadha, but Arjun shoots arrow and gadha falls.

Arjun says now they are 5, how will be face them. Duryodhan smirks and shouts at Dushyasan that all 5 should be killed. 100 brothers come from hiding. Duryodhan shouts akraman/attack.

Arjun throws bow in front of Karn and asks him to defend himself. Karn says he is right, sooth can hold weapon to protect himself. They all 5 fight with Duryodhan’s 100 brothers and defeat them. Duryodhan tries to attack arjun, but he shoots arrow and pins him down. Yudistra asks him not to kill Duryodhan and take him to Dhritarastra. Karn says Dhritarastra is blind in son’s love and will not do justice. Yudistra says Arjun they cannot forget their justice though. Duryodhan laughs and says this city and throne is his and they are outsiders, it is better for them to leave city with their mother. Arjun fumes and is about to shoot when Yudistra orders him again to drop arrow. Arjun obeys him, while Duryodhan continues laughing.

Arjun laughs and says Pandav putras are fools, raj sabha needs proof that he poisoned bheem. Just then, storm starts and Duryodhan falls down again. Kunti prays and Bheem comes out of river and asks Duryodhan what proof he needs. Pandav putras get happy seeing their brother and Karn surprised. Duryodhan is shocked to see Bheem alive. Bheem gets up and tries to attack bheem with gadha,but Bheem holds gadha with just 1 hand and says if he wants to fight, he will fulfill his wish and throws him on ground. Duryodhan gets up again and attacks. Bheem escapes and holds gadha again throws Duryodhan again on ground and says he cannot even touch him.

Precap: Karn asks Bheem who tried to kill him. Bhism also repeats.

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