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Suryaputra Karn 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Bheem picks stone boulder to kill Duryodhan. Yudistra orders him to kill Duryodhan. Vrishasen points arrow on Yudistra and warns Bheem that he will get another chance to kill Durydohan but not his elder brother. Bheem angrily throws stone on ground. Kauravs close their eyes thinking it killed Duryodhan, but stone falls nex to him. Sunsets and war ends for the day.

Kauravs return to their base camp. Vrishasen carries Duryodhan. Karn sees them coming and orders guards to go and help them. Duryodhan tells Karn that Bheem had almost killed him if Vrishasen had not saved him. He praises Vrishasen’s bravery. Karn looks at Vrishasen’s injuries. Vrishasen says he is fine.

Krishna tells Pandavs that they should

learn from today’s battle and get rid of their hurdles. Nakul says after killing Duryodhan, they should get rid of Vrishasen as he is their biggest hurdle.

Karn applies medicine to Vrishasen’s injuries. Supriya enters. Vrishasen asks how come she is here. She says she is a mother and sensed her son is in trouble, so she came to see him. She scolds Karn if he is not feeling pain seeing his son’s inuries and says Vrishasen will not participate in war tomorrow as there are many superior warriors than him in Karav’s team. Abhimanyu tells Pandavs that there are many superior warriors in their team, but Vrishasen is unique and if he was in Pandav’s team, he would have been his best friend. He does not know how Vrishasen got so much power and piousness. Krishna says he is Karn’s son and got it through genes and his deed, people like Karn does not fear death and just do their duties.

Karn tells Supriya that Vrishasen and him are born warriors and their duty is to fight, she cannot stop them from their duties. He continues. Supriya says she cannot win over 2 geat warriors and says Karn if something happens to Vrishasen, he will be held responsible.

Bhism tells Kauravs that Pandavs wanted to kill Duryodhan today, so he will plan next move tomorrow and form hawk cage, which Drona, Ashwathama and him will protect on each side and Duryodhan will be behind it protected. Duryodhan laughs that his plans always failed and he could protect himself. Vrishasen enters and says he will protect Duryodhan until his last breath and takes his protection responsibility.

Pandavs asks Krishna what will be Kaurav’s plan tomorrow. Krishna says Kauravs will keep Duryodhan last as they know he is the target. Arjun asks what should be their plan. Krishna says half moon and Duryodhan will be forced to come out of protection and if he does not, it is insult to his bravery. Arjun says he will tackle Duryodhan tomorrow and whoever will come between them will have to back off or die.

Vrishan says Duryodhan that his father trusts him a lot and he will protect him tomorrow till his last breath. Duryodhan smiles.

Precap: Arjun shoots Duryodhan, but Vrishasen jumps and bears arrow. Nakul throws spearhead and Vrishasen again bears it saving Duryodhan.

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