Suryaputra Karn 17th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 17th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He tells about love where a mother divides her love betwen her husband and children. He says love cannot be divided between 2 men and an woman, but sometimes division is needed to establish dharma, pointing at Pandavs and Panchali’s marriage.

Yudistra says they all 5 brothers married Panchali. Bhism says they did very wrong, 5 men cannot marry a single woman. Shakuni says Hastinapur’s yuvraj dented Hastinapur’s dignity. Yudistra says they obeyed their mother. Shakuni says Yudistra being yuvraj did a big sin. Panchali intervenes and says she cannot talk in front of elders, but when it is question of her husband’s dignity, she has to speak, nobody forced her to marry 5 men, it was her decision. Arjun says

he cannot believe a woman who was so keen about not marrying a sooth putra married 5 men. Draupadi/Panchali says it is her wish whom to marry.

Duryodhan says future Yuvraj will decide now and says Yudistra is incapable of becoming Raja as he is married to a woman who has 5 husbands. Bheem shouts it is enough now, he will kill him if he utters anything against his elder brother. Duryodhan laughs and says he is ready for a battle and whoever will win battle will be Hastinapur’s Samrat/king. Arjun asks if he did not forget his defeat in Panchal, he is ready to remind him again.

Karn interferes and says Arjun if he tries to snatch his friend’s right, he will fight with him and is waiting to complete their unfinished battle. Arjun asks then why did not he when he fought after swayamwar. Karn says he did not want to harm new groom that day, but today he is ready to fight.

Bhism shouts it is enough now, they are always ready to fight. He is elder of their clan and does not want them to fight. He scolds Karn for interfering between raj vansh and says he does not have right to speak.

Krishna enters and says Karn is right. Bhism says he cannot greet him as he is interfering between family issues. Krishna says when Pandavs can fight for their brother Yusitra’s rights, why can’t Karn fight for his friend’s rights. He says obeying his mother is Yudistra’s wish, marrying 5 men is Panchali’s wish, helping his friend is Karn’s wish, leaving his rajya and living in hastinapur is Shakuni’s wish, sacrificing throne and helping raja is Vidur’s wish, prioritizing son over rajya is Dhritarastra’s wish. Bhism says Yudistra did a big sin. Krishna says Yudistra showed his trueness and accepted in front of everyone that 5 brothers married Panchali, he would have ignored mother’s words and let Panchali marry Arjun, but he respected mom’s wish.

Precap: Krishna says Bhism if battle is solution for the problem, then it should happen.

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