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Suryaputra Karn 17th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhirath being brought in public confined. Public start throwing stones on him and yell that they don’t want to stay with a sinner and ask him to go away from this city with his family. Karn starts crying seeing that and asks Tauji when dad is innocent, why people are troubling him. Tauji says only innocent people are punished in this world often.

Rishi Vyas performs pooja whole his disciple play drums for him. He then boons ghandhari that she will give birth to 100 son as per Shiv’s boon and says he has infused life in 101 pots. Dhritarastra asks why 101. Vyas says Gandhari wanted 1 daughter, so shiv gave her 1 daughter. Shakuni enters and asks if her sister’s sons will be born. Vyas says yes. Dhritarastra asks if his son will become king

after him. Vyas asks him to enjoy parenthood and not force his decisions and kingdom on his son. he says he cannot tell future like that. He then asks Dhritastra to spare child/karn’s father. Dhritarastra asks soldier to bring child’s father.

In courtyard, Dhritarastra calls karn and says he frees his dad right now. Tauji smiles. Karn says he did not come to request life for his dad. Dhritarastra asks then what he needs. Karn says he wants his father die. Everyone are shocked to hear that and Radha asks what is he talking about. Dhritarastra asks if he really wants death. Karn says he wants his father’s dignity and says a without dignity, a person is considered as dead. Bhism says he is snatching is dad’s right to live. He says he wants his father to live with dignity. Bhism asks if he asked his father if he wants to die. Karn says his mind is father’s mirror and whenever he gets a question in his mind, his father answers without him asking.

Dhritarastra asks what he needs now. Karn says his father is innocent and is framed, so he wants him to find out who the culprit it. Bhim asks if he has any proof that his father is innocent and can bring a person who did it. Karn says it is king’s duty to find truth and culprit.

Bhism gets irked and says he is adamant. Tauji says truth is always adamant and lie always needs begging. Vidur asks him to beg for his father’s life. Karn says he is from sooth/low caste and they work hard for living and don’t beg. He says he will bring culprit in courtyard soon. Bhim asks him again bring culprit by morning, else his father will be punished. Karn says god punishes human and human only obeys.

Radha at home asks Karn why did he ask death for his father. Karn says he could not see dad’s bent head. Shon says brother asked for dignity. Radha says they are low caste people and don’t have right to live with dignity. Tauji tries to explain her, but she asks why he wants to sacrifice his brother. Shon says dad will not be sacrificed and to believe brother. Karn says he will get dad freed for sure and even get his dignity back.

Precap: Gandhari sees earthquake and asks Dhritarastra what is happening. Vidur says her would be born child will be a big menace and will be reason for their destroyal.

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