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Suryaputra Karn 16th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kunti sets fire around herself and asks Yudistra and other children to bring back her son Bheem, until then she will not have food and only have it from Bheem’s hand.

Shakuni happily calls Duryodhan as maharaj and asks whom he would like to kill and throws dice. Dice shows 5. Duryodhan asks if Bheem is alive. Bhism enters and says he should say that. Duryodhan asks how can he know. Bhism says he invited Bheem for a feast and took him. Duryodhan denies. Bhism says if he is innocent, then he should search Bheem and bring him back.

Yudistra and his 3 brothers along with Shon and Karn start searching Bheem everywhere. Shon jumps into river and searches, but does not find Bheem. Karan and Arjun reach a tent where Bheem was fed poison mixed kheer. Karan finds Bheem’s protection thread and shows it to Arjun. Arjun identifies it. Karn says Duryodhan betrayed them and fed Bheem poison mixed kheer. Arjun sees dead rat.

Karn then sees foot print and mud and says Arjun that Bheem must have been dragged by Duryodhan from here.

Shakuni sees Arjun and Karn entering tent and asks Duryodhan to burn tent. Duryodhan shoots fire tipped arrow and it burns tent. Karn sees bamboo falling on Arjun, rescues him and jumps into river with him.

Shon and Yudistra sees fire and get tensed. Karn with Arjun comes out of river and Arjun shows Yudistra Bheem’s throne and says he found it in river, it means Duryodhan killed their brother. Yudistra says this cannot happen as even rakshas cannot defeat Bheem easily. Karn says Bheem was poisoned by Duryodhan. Arjun says he will punish Duryodhan and expose him in front of everyone. Karn says if he does not have any proof, even he will be killed and his mother would have to mourn 2 children’s death. Yudistra asks how to prove it then. Karn says he has a plan.

Precap: Nakul loudly tells Sahdev that they have to get medicines soon as Bheem is alive and is unconscious. Duryodhan and Dushyasan hear that and think of killing Bheem again.

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