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Suryaputra Karn 16th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Abhimanyu praises Vrishasen that he fought like a true warrior. Vrishasen says still there is time for sunset and they should fight. Dushyasan attacks Abhimanyu. Abhimany counterattacks and injures Dushyasan’s arm. Their fight continues.

Bheem provokes Duryodhan to fight wit him. Duryodhan sends soldiers. Bheem easily kills them and laughs on Duryodhan that his army could not even touch him and provokes Duryodhan that he is eunuch to stand apart. Duryodhan angrily jumps in battlefield and beats Bheem till he is injured and falls on ground.

Bhism provokes Arjun and their fight starts. Nakul and Sahdev continue fighting with Drona and say he cannot fight with 2 warriors. Drona says he can. Abhimanyu pins down Dushyan on ground and he falls down. Madhya raj provokes Abhimanyu that he did not fight with real warrior yet and their fight starts. He injures Abhimanyu’s leg.

Duryodhan laughs on Bheem that he is eunuch instead and reminds him how he did Draupadi’s vastra haran and ordered her to sit on his lap. Bheem gets up and beats Duryodhan, throws him on earth and picks boulder to kill him. Yudistra asks Duryodhan to either submit himself or get ready to die. Shakuni asks Bhism to save Duryodhan. Bhism turns his bow towards Bheem and warns him to leave Duryodhan. Arjun points bow on Bishm and warns him to spare Bheem. Shakuni laughs seeing Drona holding Nakul and Sahdev on sword’s point and warns Bheem to spare Duryodhan, else lose his brothers. Another warrior holds Ashwathama on axe’s point and warns Drona to spare Nakul and Sahdev, else lose his son. Bheem laughs and is about to throw boulder on Duryodhan when rishasen point bow on Bheem and warns to spare Duryodhan, else feel his arrows. Sunsets and war ends for the day.

Precap: Krishna suggests Pandavs that they should learn from their mistakes and remove hurdles from their way. Nakul says biggest hurdle is Vrishasen and they should get him out of their way.

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