Suryaputra Karn 16th March 2016 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 16th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Monster Gatotkach attacks Karn with gadha. Duryodhan alerts Karn and Karn escapes. Karn then gets his bow and shoots arrow destroying Gatotkach’s gadha. Gatotkach attacks again and Karn raises arrow to kill him, but Krishna as usual trying to save Pandavs stops Karn and scolds Gatotkach that he is from Pandav clan and should not dare to even stand in front of elders and he has come here to attend his cousin’s wedding and not fight. He scolds Karn that Gatotkach is a kid, but he is elder and should know that this is not a battle field. He also scolds everyone present that this is marriage venue and they should all behave. Gatotkach regains normal human shape and greets his father Bheem. Bheem hugs him and says he is happy to see him here.

Karn sees Laxmana, Samb, and Vrishasen escaping wearing masks, but ignores. Uttar goes to Laxmana’s room and finds guards on floor and Laxmana missing. He wakes up soldier and asks what happened. Soldier says Laxmana is kidnapped. Uttar informs everyone. Duryodhan shouts how dare Samb is to kidnap his daughter. Karn says he will bring Laxmana safely. Duryodhan asks him to kill whoever comes in the way. Karn assures to bring Laxmana safely and leaves.

Samb, Laxmana, and Vrishasen run in jungle. Karn finds them and warns to stop. Vrishasen silently hides Laxmana and joins Samb. Samb continues running. Karn throws arrow and makes a fire circle around him. Vrishasen silently getshim out and tells Laxmana is in a hut and himself runs in opposite direction wearing Samb’s mask. Karn runs behind him again and points arrow and says his arrow is targetting his head and if he tries to escape, he will be killed.

Precap: Karn stops masked Vrishasen and asks who is he. Vrishasen after dialogues removes mask. Karn is shocked to see his son.

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