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Suryaputra Karn 16th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn practicing archery and shooting at a stone across the river. Arrow crosses flying fishes and breaks stone into pieces. Fish flies and hits apple on tree and apple falls into Shon’s hand. Shon gets happy. Karn takes apple and asks him to shoot now. Shon cannot hold bow correctly. Karn corrects him and asks him to shoot arrow. He bends and arrow passes towards kshatriya kids. Karn throws stone and makes arrow fall on floor. Kshatriya children starts bullying them and tell their parents say Karn and shon are of low caste and cannot hold bow and arrow. Karn says his tauji told knowledge can be gained by anyone.

Tauji tells Adhirath/Sushim that Karn is a special kid and will change history and whole world. He is god’s boon and is born to fight.

Adhirath says low caste child and is entitled to hold horse rope.

Shon challenges kshatriya child to shoot arrow at a stone across river crossing flying fishes. Child aims, but fails and says he will in the morning. Shon challenges him if he fails he will have to touch Karn’s feet, else he will touch his feet. Kshatriya child gets tensed.

Shon runs towards home and informs Tauji that he challenged khatriya child to compete with Karn and if he loses, he will touch karn’s feet. Tauji gets happy. Adhirath says karn will not participate and it is his order. shon says if karn does not, he will have to touch feet. Adhirath says he should and not let karn participate. Karn hears that and gets sad. Shon provokes him to participate, but karn says he will not will touch kshatriya child’s feet instead of him.

Khatriya child informs his minister father that he does not to participate and touch karn’s feet, so he should take him along tomorrow. Minister says he warned Adhirath not to let his son practice archery, but he did not listen, now he will punish both karn and adhirath.

In the morning, minister with his child waits for karn and shon. Karn comes and tells child he will touch his feet. Minister says they both should touch feet and realize that they are of low caste. Karn is about to touch feet when Tauji comes and stops him. He says low caste people cannot touch bow and arrow, then there is no question of touching feet. Minister says he is right and should remember his caste. Tauji says his son his khatriya and should aim, else he should touch feet. Minister asks son to aim, but he fails. Tauji asks him to come and touch feet or let Karn aim. Minister allows karn to aim arrow.

Karn says dad did not permit to touch bow and arrow. Minister and his son laugh hearing that. Tauji says Karn his dad did not permit to touch bow from his hands, but he has 2 legs also. Karn walks towards bow and holds it with his one leg and aims arrow from another leg. He shoots at the point.

Precap: Minister thinks of killing tauji to stop karn from practicing archery. He hangs tauji to a pole under fire and asks him to stop karn. Karn runs from home with bow and arrow and shoots to save tauji.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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