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Suryaputra Karn 16th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives begging of episode moral gyaan. Dhritarastra asks Karn if he has proof that Pandav putra are alive. Karn says he is proof. Dhritarastra says he needs real proof and not him. Just then, Pandav’s enter. Bhism gets very happy and says he is very happy seeing them alive. Yudistra says even they are very happy seeing him happy. Duryodhan and Dhritarastra get very angry, and Dhritarastra wears his crone back.

Bhism asks Pandav putras why did they hide after escaping from fire accident. Bheem angrily looking at Duryodhan says they wanted to give someone happiness for some time. Yudistra says Bheem means they were following mom’s order. Bhism asks why did kunti putri hide them. Kunti enters. Karn greets her, but she walks towards Bhism and says she wanted her children to live like a common man. Bhism says water cannot hide sunrays for a long time and tigers cannot be hidden in jungle, they will come out at last. Pandav’s birth is to rule.

Dhritarastra says he is very happy to hear their voices. Gandhari asks why did not they return after fire accident. Bhism says Kunti told already and Ang Raj Karn told how Arjun won swayamwar with his bravery.

Bhism asks Arjun to call Panchali. Panchali enters gives a long introduction, praising herself and Bhism. Bhism says her introduction speaks how knowledgeable she is and asks her to come with her husband and take his blessings. Yudistra says they all 5 married Panchali. Bhism and everyone are shocked to hear that.

Precap: Bhism says 5 men cannot marry a single woman. Duryodhan says Yudistra lost his right to become raja after this. Arjun provokes him to fight. Karn interferes and says if he loses, he should leave Hastinapur. Bhism shouts how dare he is to interfere between raj vansh. Krishna enters and says Karn is right.

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