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Suryaputra Karn 15th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiger attacks Arjun, but Karn stands in between to protect him. Tiger runs towards him. Duryodhan with Dushyasan sees Bheem playing with other princes and says he has prepared tasty kheer with dry fruits and kesar for him. He turns back and gets angry seeing Duryodhan and says he will have it with his brothers. He asks Nakul and Sahdev if they are hungry. They say no and complain Yudistra. Yudistra tells Bheem if he is hungry, he can have food. Duryodhan provokes that he has prepared many dishes for him. Bheem says he will not have it without his brother. Duryodhan asks if he afraid that he will defeat him in wrestling. Bheem says he is not afraid of anyone and agrees to accompany him.

Arjun asks Karn why did not he hold his weapon to attack tiger. Karn says sooth cannot hold

weapon and once when he held bow, his tauji’s hand was cut and now he does not want khatriyas to cut his head.

Duryodhan takes Bheem to a tent and mixes poison in kheer. Kunti senses something wrong will happen to her children. Nakul and Sahdev inform her that Bheem is missing and start searching him. Duryodhan gives poison mixed kheer to Bheem and he starts feeling drowsy after eating it and asks what was in kheer. Shakuni peeps in. Duryodhan says dry fruits, kesar and poison. Bheem falls unconscious.

Duryodhan and Shakuni carry Bheem towards lake while Pandav putras search him. They throw Bheem in lake. Karn and Arjun come near lake and call Bheem. Shakuni hides in trunk seeing them. Duryodhan drops Bheem to the bottle of lake kilometers away from ground level. A big cobra shaped python clasps Bheem.

Arjun, Karn, Nakul and Sahdev inform Yudistra that they did not find Bheem anywhere else. Yudistra says they have to continue searching Bheem. Kunti hears their conversation and they are shocked to see her. Kunti starts crying and runs towards lake. She provokes Vayudev that he booned her that Bheem will be safe all the time, then where is her so. Yudistra and other children try to come near her. She asks them not to come near her until her son Bheem comes back. She asks Agni dev to either return her son or take her life.

Precap: Shakuni throws dice and asks Duryodhan how many pandav’s they would like to kill. Dice shows 5 and Duryodhan asks if Bheem is alive. Bhism enters and asks to answer himself.

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