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Suryaputra Karn 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Duryodhan and Arjun’s competition starts. Duryodhan stands far away. Karn who is watching competition from balcony with Vishali tells her that Duryodhan is up to something. Duryodhan attacks Arjun, but Arjun throws him on ground with his arrows. Duryodhan looks at Ashwatthama who gets some weapon removes it and brings tornado with it. Tornado surrounds Arjun and Duryodhan smiles. Vaishali asks Karn if Arjun will not win. Karn says with a special weapon he can, but for that he has to get out of tornado or make his mind strong. Duryodhan walks towards Arjun confidently. Arjun reminisces Drona’s teachings, listens to his foot steps carefully and shoots arrow in that direction. Arrow hits Duryodhan and converts into ice and freezes Karn’s body. Gandhari asks Kunti who

won. People start chanting Arjun’s name just then. Gandhari angrily says she heard who won. Vidur tells Dhritarastra that Arjun won competition without harming Duryodhan. Even he fumes.

Drona announces Arjun as winner of competition and world’s best warrior and challenges that if anyone is there, they can come in front of him. Karn smiles and tells Vaishali that he told acharya Drona will invite him and not he got it. He gets arrow and shoots at Duryodhan. Ice breaks and Duryodhan is freed.

Drona and Bhism are shocked to see guru Parashuram’s sign on arrow. Bhism asks who used shisrastra. Drona says guru Parashuram’s student and asks who dared to shoot this arrow. Karn jumps from balcony, lands on ground and says he shot this arrow. He walks towards competition field and stands in front of Arjun. Drona asks who permitted to enter hasitnapur’s rajkumar’s competition. He says he permitted and after a lengthy dialogue says he challenged in front of everyone, so he accepted it. Drona says this competition is only between rajkumars. Karn until it was between rajkumars, he was sitting quietly with his arrows between spectators, but when he challenged openly, he entered here to reply to his arrogance. He challenges Arjun to compete with him and says he would have got sign of his arrival yesterday in rajsabha and says he wants to break his illusion that Arjun is world’s best warrior. Arjun accepts his challenge and they both point arrow towards each other.

Precap: Karn asks Bhism why can’t he compete. Bhism asks him to take permission from people if a sooth can compete with Rajkumar. Duryodhan says he will change this age old rule and make Karn as Ang rajya’s raja.

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