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Suryaputra Karn 15th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vadudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Vrishasen asks Laxmana if she loves Samb or not. She says she replied already to Samb. He says he got his answer and tries to leave. She stops him and says she loves Samb. He says get ready to elope. She asks if Samb did not come. He asks her to peep via window and she finds Samb waiting for her. she descends down via sari and meets Samb. Vrishasen asks them to express love after some time and elope first.

Duryodhan shouts at Shikhandini that only he has right to select gifts. Shikhandini says he defeated her father with trick and not her, so she is not her slave and says last time even she was tricked, pointing at Bhism. Duryodhan continues taunting and yelling and targets Pandavs next. Bheem gets angry and attacks him with gadha, but Karn holds his gadha.

Just when Samb and Laxmana are about to escape, Dushyasan comes and asks Laxmana to go in. Samb holds her hand. Dushyasan says he is trickster Krishna’s son and is acting same. Samb says he is acting like Duryodhan and is eloping with Laxmana. Dushyasan walks toward him holding sword when Vrishasen hits him from behind and he falls unconscious.

Bheem says Karn he will see how long he can hold his gadha and pushes him. Karn falls down,gets up, and picks his bow and arrow. Bheem taunts that he is using arrows like a coward and is not wrestling. Karn says he knows he had defeated Jarasand twice in wrestling, who Bheem tricked and killed. Their fight starts and they attakc each other and come in open. Shakuni sees Samb and Laxmana among crowd and smriks that his plan worked and Duryodhan will feel insult. Just when Karn is about to attack Bheem, Gatotkach enters and throws boulders on Karn. Everyone are shocked to see a monster. Duryodhan asks him to stay away as he is not related to this. Gatotkach says he is Bheem and Hidimbi’s son and has right to protect his father and attacks Karn again. Karn escapes attack but sees Samb and Laxmana together.

Precap: Karn warns Samb that he cannot escape after kidnappiong Laxmana. Vrishasen takes Samb’s place and runs. Karn follows him and pins him down.

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