Suryaputra Karn 15th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 15th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Shakuni gets a monster via black magical ash. Krishna says only Bheem can save Pandavs now. Matraraj kills Viratraj with a big fire boulder. Pandavs get tensed.

Bheem calls his son Gatotkach. Gatotkach comes and greets him. Bheem asks him to teach Duryodhan a lesson. Gatotkach says even wants to take revenge from Duryodhan of his brother Abhimanyu’s death.

Kauravs get afraid seeing Gatotkach. Gatotkach walks towards Duryodhan and wishes him and says he should be ashamed to kill his nephew, now he will be punished. He kills Kaurav army with his monster legs. Duryodha asks Drona to kill this monster. Drona asks all his warriors to surround Gatotkach and attack at once. They surround and attack Gatotkach, but Gatotkach overpowers them all and continues killing Kaurav army.

Krishna asks Gatotkach to teach trickster Shakuni a lesson. Gatotkach picks Shakuni and throws him in air. Shakuni falls down on ground. Duryodhan throws his gadha on Gatotkach and it hits his head. Duryodhan shouts having vast body does not mean he is agreat warrior. Gatotkach says now it is his turn and walks towards him.

Karn stops Gatotkach and asks him to return back as he does not want to Pandavs to feel loss of another son. Gatotkach says he heard how he sacrificed his kavach kundal and wanted to touch his feet but did not know he will meet him in battlefield. Their fight starts. Karn shoots arrows and Gatotkach breaks them all. Gatotkach then attacks Karn and picks him . Karn kicks him and jumps on earth. He picks gadha and gives a huge blow on Gatotkach’s toe. Toe smashes, but repairs instantly. Gatotkach laughs and says he cannot harm him and now it is time to leave this world. He throws fire boulders on Karn. Karn falls down. He then raises his leg to crush Karn. Duryodhan stops him and says until he is alive, he cannot harm his friend. Gatotkach picks him next. Shakuni shotus at Karn to wake up and protect Duryodhan.

Precap: Karn uses Vasavi Shakti arrow given by Indra and kills Gatotkach. Gatotkach falls dead on earth. Bheem cries sonnn….

Update Credit to: MA

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