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Suryaputra Karn 15th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He forces Shakuni to play dice game and asks him if he wins, he will go free and if he loses, he will lose each part of his body. He asks what will he bet now. Panchali says his hand and throws dice. Shakuni wins and laughs, but dice changes. Shakuni shouts how can it happen. Yudistra asks him to play with left hand now. Shakuni asks even he…. Bheem holds Duryodhan and not let him go..

Krishna asks what will he bet now. Nakul says he has 4 golden teeth. Panchali throws dice, then Shakuni throws dice and loses. Sahdev throws him on ground and breaks his golden teeth. Krishna asks what next and Yudistra breaks Shakuni’s right hand. He then asks Shakuni to throw dice again and Shakuni loses. Draupadi says

she wants to break his left hand with which he stabbed Abhimanyu. Shakuni plays with his left hand and loses again. Pandavs break his left hand also. Shakuni shouts in pain. Krishna says he is paying for the mistakes he did and he does not want anyone get inspired with his crooked mind. He continues his moral gyaan. Pandavs stab him swords and walk out.

Duryodhan reaches Pandav’s camp after fighting with Bheem and freeing himself. Yudistra comes out with blood all around his face and body and says he can go and meet his uncle Shakuni during his last breaths. Duryodhan confused enters tent and is shocked to see Shakuni lying on a table in a pool of blood with four swords piercing his body. He cries loudly. Shakuni wakes up and says he is not yet dead, where was he. Duryodhan says he was here itself and says he will not spare Pandavs for torturing his mama. Shakuni suggests him to run away from here. Duryodhan asks if he wants him to run away from war like a coward. Shakuni asks him to hide in a particular place and gather his strength again to fight with Pandavs. He says his bad deeds got him to this horrible end and he is responsible for it. Duryodhan says he will not spare Pandavs now. Shakuni passes away.

Pandavs wait outside tent. Krishna says Duryodhan is taking a long time to come out. Yudistra asks why should Gandhari mata be punished for Duryodhan’s mistake, she is reduced from 100 sons to just one son. Bheem shouts he will not spare Duryodhan. Krishna says Duryodhan should be killed to save dharma. Yudistra asks how to kill him as his body is of metal with mata Gandhari’s boon. Krishna says joints are the weakest part of body and Duryodhan’s body is still weak from waist down till thighs, Bheem should attack his thighs. Yudistra says it is adharma to attack someone below waist. Krishna says to kill Duryodhan is a dharma.

Precap: Duryodhan and Bheem’s fight starts. Krishna says Duryodhan should be attacked on his thighs to kill him. Balram interrupts fight and says he will fight with Bheem.

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