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Suryaputra Karn 15th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn reaching home with Tauji and Sushim. Shon gets happy seeing them and runs to hugh karn, while Radha tries to stop him. Tauji asks Sushim to tell his wife to accept Karn as he is kunti’s favorite and will bring her a lot of wealth. Radha says Sushim that Sushim works hard whole year to get 2 gold coins and she is happy with that. Tauji says Karn is divya/special. Radha says if he is special, then he should stay with gods and not here. Karn gets sad hearing that and starts crying. He walks out of house sadly.

Shon sees Karn at river bank crying and asks why is he crying. Karn says he will die soon as mom told he special and his place is with gods. Shon says he is human and will not die. Karn says he gets protection guard on his body which emits yellow

rays. Karn removes his shirt but does not find guard. Shon slips and falls from cliff and pleads Karn to save him. Karn jumps from cliff and his guard activates. He falls down on rock and rock breaks into pieces. Khatriya man who is practicing there is surprised to see Karn’s special qualities. Radha also comes running with Tauji and Sushim and is shocked to see that. Shon tells Radha that Karn gets protective guard/cover on is body. Radha panics and drags Shon from there telling Karn can protect only himself and they will be killed because of him. Tauji gets happy seeing karn’s powers and takes him to prepare divya/special chariot.

Karn helps tauji building divya rath/chariot. He tells tauji because of his special qualities, mom is hating him now. Tauji says his qualities will make people praise him or get afraid and his mom is afraid now. Karn says he needs mom’s love and not hatred. Tauji gets emotional but controls and says if he makes shon also special, mom will start loving even him. Karn gets happy and says then he will make Shon special like him.

Sushim walks reminiscing Kunti’s words that Karn is special and has qualities of becoming a king. Khatriya man who is mantri/minister stops him and scolds for not feeding water to his horse. Sushim apologizes and says he was busy with some work, he will feed right now. Mantri says he knows why he is busy and he himself saw from his eyes.

Karn tries to feed Shon, but he says he will not as mom hates him. Karn says mom will start loving him if he makes him also special. Shon gets happy.

Mantri warns Sushim to stop his son from showing his powers as he is of low caste. Sushim says it is god’s gift. Mantri says low caste people are not entitled for god’s gift and if he tries to show his powers, he will repent.

Precap: Shon challenges khatriya children that Karn will win them in archery competition. Tauji says Sushim that he is lucky to have karn as his son as Karn will change whole world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nys epis.i cannt c u crying.pls dont cry .Gud nyt my dear cute nd sweet karn

  2. radha adhiratha did not have any other kids and why are they messing this up, never liked the actress who plays radha, negative role before as well and now again…
    why does everything have to have a vamp!

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