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Suryaputra Karn 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives moral gyaan. Panchali goes to Kunti and says though she spoke without knowledge, she will obey her words and will marry her 5 sons and will create a history.

Dhistrarastra during sabha says since Yudistra is dead now, he has taken a decision to make Duryodhan as raja.

Draupadi marries 5 pandavs with pheras around agni in front of Kunti, Krishna and Draupad. After marriage, Arjun takes Krishna’s blessings and asks permission to leave on a new journey and start a new life. Krishna says even he is going on a journey.

Pandav putras greet Krishna and leave. Draupadi tells Krishna that the destiny with Arjun is nearing. Krishna smiles. She asks to promise her. He says without knowing her request, he cannot promise. She says he knows what she needs. He promises that he will be always with her.

Kunti asks Krishna what is the reason behind her mistake and what should she do now. He says to return back. She asks if he wants her to return back to Hastinapur. He says Hastinapur wants jusice/dharm foundation via her and her sons.

Duryodhan hugs Dhritrastra and Shakuni and sits on raja’s seat. Karn reminisces Shakuni warning him not to tell truth that Pandavs are alive if he wants to see Duryodhan as raja. Yudistra is about to throne Duryodhan when Karn stops him and says kumar Yudistra and Pandavs are alive. Shakuni and Duryodhan fume hearing this. Duryodhan shouts what is he saying. Karn says the brahmin who won Panchali’s swayamwar is Arjun and one who plucked tree and fought with him is Bheem.

Bhism asks Karn if he is telling truth. Karn says yes. Bhism says then Duryodhan’s raj abhishek is illegal. Shakuni says Karn is lying and he does not have any proof. Bhism says Karn is arrogant, but not a lier. Shakuni says in politics only proof is considered.

Precap: Pandaavs enter raj sabha. Bhism asks where is Panchali. She comes in front and greets him. Bhism says she should take blessings with his groom. Yudistra says they all 5 married Panchali. Shakuni smirks while everyone are shocked hearing that.

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