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Suryaputra Karn 14th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shakuni plays gambling with Dushyanth and Duryodhan and explains his plan how they should trap the weakest Pandav putra Bhoomi by showing him special dishes and kill him by mixing poison in those dishes.

Kunti scolds Karn and other sons for insulting Duryodhan and his brothers. Nakul says they started insulting them by insulting their father. Kunti says this is not jungle but a palace and their jungle rule will not work here. Arjun says they came here to live here. She says only love can win over hatred and says Bheem she is sure Bhism and Dhritarastra will find a way to correct Duryodhan and his brothers, but they should not forget to love their 100 brothers. Bheem says he will remember that.

Karan reaches home with Vaishali and hears Vaishali’s father telling Adhirath

and Radha that Karn and Radha love each other and they should get them married. Karn says he cannot keep his wife happy and put her into his troubles. Radha says if he marries Vaishali, he will forget about his revenge. Tauji enters and asks karn not to marry and forget his revenge. Adhirath asks him why is he pushing karn into troubles. Tauji says he does not want karn’s dreams and courage to be broken.

Kunti asks her sons to not break their unity and their unity will let them face any tough situation. They nod yes and leave.

Adirath tells Karn he will marry Vaishali on Vasanth Panchami’s morning. Just then, soldier informs Karn that Yudistra is keeping him to ride chariot. Karn says his family that he will marry Vaishali on Vasunath Panchami as per his parent’s order and leaves with soldier.

Dushyanth and Duryodhan look at feast food and get mesmerized with its smell. Shakuni says Bheem likes kheer a lot and if he eats it, he will die for sure.

Karn guides pandav to a park which is reserved for princes. Yudistra says it is a very beautiful place. Karn says that is why it is reserved for princes. Duryodhan reaches there with Dushyasan and apologizes for his trick yesterday and invites them for swimming. Bheem looks at him angrily. Yudistra says he should forgive Duryodhan. Duryodhan then asks Arjun if he will not go for swimming. Arjun says if it is not mandatory, he will practice archery with Karn. Dushyasan angrily says how can sooth putra practice archery. Karn asks why can’t he, he is well competent. Duryodhan says even horses are strong, but they can only pull chariot. Yudistra agrees on Arjun’s insistence.

Arjun walks with Karn and asks him to show his archery skills. Karn says he cannot. Just then, tiger attacks them. Arjun shouts at karn to show his skills.

Precap: Arjun asks Karn why did not he show his archery skills, what if tiger would have killed him. Karn says when he showed his skills once, his tauji’s hand was cut and now he does not want khatriya’s cut his head.

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