Suryaputra Karn 14th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 14th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. He orders Arjun to shoot satya keerti astra. Arjun shoots arrow. A big fire tornado forms in sky and Ashwatthama and Dushyasan get hypnotizied. Krishna says their enemies will fight with each other. Ashwatthama and Dushyasan think themselves as Bheem and Arjun and start fighting each other. Duryodhan asks what is happening. Drona says Arjun shot satya pusti astra and hypnotized them. Sanjay watches via telepathy and tells Arjun used satya pusti astra and hypnotized their army, they will fight and kill themselves. Dhritarastra asks if there is any way to break it. Sanjay says he does not know.

Arjun tells Krishna that only Drona, Bhism, and Karn know to shoot satya pusti astra and since Karn is not present here, nobody

will break it. Krishna says he forgot there is one more warrrior who knows to break it. Vrishasen comes on his horse and reminisces Karn’s teaching about satya pusti astra and how to break it via satya keerti astra. He picks satya keerti astra when Abhimanyu attacks him. He praises Abhimanyu’s bravery and says he has to save his army first and then he will fight with him. Abhimanyu attacks him again and th eir fight starts.

Drona asks Bhism to protect Duryodhan while he breaks satya pusti astra. Yudistra and other pandavs try to attack Duryodhan, but Drona creates barrier and says it is not easy to touch Duryodhan until he is alive. Arjun breaks his Drona’s attack. Drona praises him. Nakul and Sahdev say even they are his students and he should allow them to fight with them. Drona says sure and their fight starts.

Arjun hesitates to attack Bhism. Bhism says if he does not attack and forget his duty, he will attack him then. Krishna asks Arjun to remember his duties.

Vrishasen and Abhimanyu’s fight continues. Vrishasen throws Abhimanyu on floor, picks bow and gets satya keerti astra. Abhimanyu gets up and picks bow. Vrishasen says they both should do their duties and nobody can stop them. Abhimanyu shoots arrow and it strikes Vrishasen. Vrishasen shoots satya keerti astra and breaks satya pushti astra. Abhimanyu shoots arrow again. Injured Vrishasen removes arrow and walks towards horse. Karn sees satya pushti astra breaking and says he is proud of his son. Soldier informs that Vrishasen is severely injured.

Precap: Bheem holding boulder over Duryodhan orders him to either submit himself or die.

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