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Suryaputra Karn 14th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Bhism boons Laxmana that until he is alive, her saubhagya/Abdhimanyu will be safe. Shikhandini comes with Dristyadumna from Panchal.

Panchali goes to Laxmana’s room with jewelry and clothes. Laxmana greets her and excuses servants. Panchali says Virat rani wished to come and gift her bahu, but is busy with marriage arragements, so she sent her. Laxmana sadly accepts gifts. Panchali asks why she is sad. Laxmana asks if she will gift her what she wants. Panchali says only after she hears what she wants. Laxmana asks to forgive her father Duryodhan. Panchali says she cannot. Laxmana asks what was she feeling when she married 5 men/pandavs. Panchali says she made up her mind and is happy, she will not forgive Duryodhan for his heinous act.

Shikhandini gifts Abhimanyu and Uttara Panchal’s royal gold coin and vast land and says Panchal expresses friendship with Pandavs and Virat. Duryodhan shouts it is an insult for him and says it wages a war now. Pandavs take out their weapons. Virat raj says they both are his samdhis and he wants peace in this marriage. Bhism says Virat raj is right and asks Duryodhan to calm down. Duryodhan says impossible, Shikandini’s father promised to be on his side during war when Karn defeated him, so he has right on this gift.

Laxmana is surrounded by guards and she asks who are they. They say Duryodhan ordered to guard her. A masked man enters and kills guards. Laxmana warns to stay away from her. Man removes mask and Laxmana is shocked to see Vrishasen. She asks him what is he doing. He asks if she loves Samb or not. She says she told Samb already. He says Samb told her mind is saying something and heart something. She says he is thinking wrong. He asks how can she marry Uttar when she loves Samb and gave her heart to him and says he came to take her from her and get her married to Samb.

Precap: Bheem attacks Karn. Karn falls down, wakes up and points his arrow on Bheem. Laxmana elopes with Samb and stops seeing someone.

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  1. 2nd line, I believe you mean Uttara who was married to Abhimanyu!
    laxmana married saamb, eventually and uttar died the 1st day of war!
    sad indeed but the others lost their senses and hence the chakravuyu, to kill abhimanyu, which bhishma would never have allowed.
    this show is about karn so all the goody side of him is enhanced, but bottom line he was part of the draupadi vastra haran and abhimanyu chakra…!
    he was a side effect of fate perhaps but had the right values but bad company messes you up, how true.
    I also read that In rama yug, Lord Narayan had favoured SUryaputra Sugreeva to defeat Indraputra bali, so he had to even the scales per se, and as Krishna, he supported indra putra Arjun to defeat suryaputra karn!~ if gods themselves have to follow karma, then how can humans escape! samba was the cause of the destruction of the yaduvansh or just the instrument…amazing history we have.

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