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Suryaputra Karn 14th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Arjun devasted after failing to kill Jaydrath and walks to lay himself on fire. Krishna holds Arjun’s hand and says he is not yet defeated. He gets clouds away from sun and gets sun back. Kauravs are shocked to see sun back. Arjun shoots arrow and beheads Jaydrath. Jaydrath’s head flies in air. Shakuni laughs and says once Jaydrath’s head falls on earth, Arjun’s head will break into pieces, Arjun is defeated today. Krishna says his dirty tricks are defeated today instead. Jaydrath’s head flies and falls in his father’s lap. Father picks it and is shocked to see his son’s head and throws it in air. It falls on floor and explodes like a bomb. Krishna says Arjun whatever protection comes

in dharma’s way will destroy. Sunsets later.

Pandavs reaches back to their base camp. Draupadi is busy praying god. Arjun touches her shoulder. She gets emotional seeing him. He gives her protection thread which she gave to Abhimanyu and she reminisces Abhimanyu telling he will be safe until this thread will be with him. She cries holding it.

Pandavs set Abhimanyu’s body on fire and completes his last rights. Krishna says Abhimanyu will be remembered as greatest warrior in history and their names will be taken with his name. Karns pays his respects standing far. A masked person shoots arrow with letter and it strikes nearby tree. Karn picks it and reads letter asking him to follow masked person. He runs behind.

Duryodhan angrily discusses with his team that Arjun slapped them with a defeat today. Madraraj comments Arjun is a great warrior and will defeat them all, he will not help them now. Dushyasan shouts at him. Madraaraj gets up and tries to leave. Drona stops him and says they should stop fighting with each other and concentrate on defeating Pandavs. Duryodhan sys they will attack Pandavs right now.

Karn runs behind masked person and says stop Vrishali. Vrishali stops and removes mask from her head and asks how did he know it is her. He says he can identify her easily and says she should not have come here, how will her husband and children react if they see her with him. She says she did not marry at all.

Drona tells Kauravs that Arjun is expert in fighting at night and they should be careful. They attack Pandav’s base camp and burn tents. Fire spread all around. Kunti and Uttara are shuck in fire. Draupadi calls her 5 husbands and says Kunti mata is stuck in fire. Arjun enters tent. Pole is about to fall on Uttara when he holds it and gets out Uttara and Kunti.

Karn and Vrishali are busy chatting when soldier comes and informs Karn that Durydohan with his army attacked Pandav’s base camp. Karn says Duryodhan did not do right. Pandavs start butchering Kauarav soldiers. Duryodhan shouts at Drona to do something. Shakuni says night is for black magic and he will use his black magic now. He blows ash in air and brings huge demon.

Precap: Krishna tells Bheem that he should use magic against magic. Gatotkach enters battlefield. Karn shoots arrows, but they get destroyed on Gatotkach’s body.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nita D

    Hey as far as i have read it was Krishna who asked Bheem to call Ghatotkach. His hidden motive was to protect Arjun from the shakti which was given by Indra to Karna. Krishna knew that Karna will have to use that shakti to kill Ghatotkach.
    I have never read abt Shakuni calling any demon.

    Can anyone tell me abt this??

  2. Thx alo MA , now tou tell more details, thx a lot, yes, i never heard about shakuni magic too, just wait 4 the nest epi

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