Suryaputra Karn 14th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 14th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhisma telling Pandav that he should give a legal heir for hastinapur. Pandav says he cannot bear a child as he killed Rishi by mistake while hunting and Rishi cursed him that if he goes near his wife, he will die and his will never bear his child. Bhisma says it is hatinapur’s ill fate that it will not get legal heir through him. Tauji silently hears their conversation hiding. Pandav says if he can adopt a child somehow, he is ready.

Kunti pampers Karn and plays with him. Suhsim gets happy seeing that and reminisces Radha’s hatred for Karn. He then reminisces Priyamvada’s words and tells Karn they should leave now. Kunti says he can stay till morning and then go. He insists. Kunti and karn get emotion with tears rolling down their cheeks.

Karn tells kunti that she sang him first lori and he will remember it his whole life. Kunti then hugs him and sends with Sushim. She runs behind Karn with eager eyes. Karn rides horse looking behind at Kunti.

While taking karn and Suhim towards home, Tauji warns Sushim to explain her wife to accept Karn, else he will take him and give it to Kunti as she needs a child. Sushim asks what does he mean. Tauji informs him of rishi’s curse on Pandav that he cannot go near his wife and cannot get a child. He says Kunti will get a child and karn a mother.

Karn rides her horse back and meets Priyamvada. He says it is Karn’s right to get Kunti’s love and hatinapur’s crown. Priyamvada says karn cannot get crown as he is not pandav’s son and in society, child born out of wedlock even with a boon is not accepted. He asks he she means he should deprive karn of his rights due to fear of society. He turns and is surprised to see Kunti. Kunti does not listen to their conversatino and asks Sushim if he brought back Karn.

Sushim says he came back to take gift from her for Karn as children will remember gifts forever. Kunti says Karn she does not have anything except a ring. She gives ring and says in his life, he will get a boon from hastinapur in exchange of this ring. Karn reminisces Sushim’s words that society’s restriction is preventing karn from getting his rights.

Precap: Tauji tells Radha that karn is very special. Radha says his speciality may harm them all.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  2. hai,kunti should nt hav abandoned karn.radha,accept karn.he s a cute nd sweet child

  3. Gud night karn,bye

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