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Suryaputra Karn 14th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with old man blessing Karn to reach his destiny. Karn starts his journey again to find rishi Vyas. Man then transforms himself into surya dev and smiles.

Madan continues to torture Adhirath. Adirath’s family panic seeing this and Shon prays god to send Karn with rishi Vyas soon.

Karn enters cave and escape from a flying arrow. He then picks his dagger and breaks upcoming arrow. He thenis shocked to see hundreds of arrows coming towards him.

Madan applies salt on Adhirath’s wounds and says his son has gone to bring vyas and save him, but he will not reach. Adhirath says his son will reach soon.

Karn falls down after arrows hit him. He then removes arrows and thinks he will not die until he takes back rishi Vyas to palace and save his

father. He then sees many arrows coming towards him again and then reminisces old man’s words that he should not use strength and use his brain instead. He throws his dagger and submits himself to Rishi vyas by kneeling down. Arrows turn into flowers. He sees Rishi Vyas in front of him praying. Rishi wakes up from tapasya and gets impressed with Karn and agrees to accompany him.

Gandhari sees feels devastated after dhritarastra disowning him. She walks holding her newly born mass of flesh towards ganga river to suicide. Servant informs Dhritarastra that rani went towards river ganga to suicide. He says it is good she is killing herself as she could not give him a legal heir. Gandhari walks towards ganga and prays lord Shiv to give her children or take her life.

Karan travels in a chariot with rishi Vyas towards palace. Vyas senses Gandhari walking towards ganga and asks Karn to take chariot towards ganga river. Vyas stops gandhari from suiciding and asks if she does not trust god.

Madan is about to kill Adhirath with arrow when soldier informs him that Karn reached with rishi Vyas. Adhirath laughs and says his son saved him at last. Madan shoots arrow to ground instead and leaves angrily.

Karn reaches palace and meets his family. Tauji says Radha that her son is divya/divine. Radha says he is really. Shakuni enters and asks how did he come here. Karn says he came with rishi Vyas, but Shakuni was trapped in vyas’s magic. Shakuni asks where is Vyas. Karn says he is sitting with king and queen. Shakuni also says Karn is divine.
Precap: Bhism tells Karn he will free Adhirath ask promised. Karn says he should kill Adhirath instead. Bhism is surprised.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. nys epi.shakuni s much bettr thn dhritarasta.gud nyt little karn nd shon.waitng 4 suyodhan intro.gud nyt richu dr

  2. good morning hg happy independence day lol tc and nyce episode,…………….but shakuni mama ji is also a chance grabbing person……………

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