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Karn tells Adhirath that he is going to watch rajkumars’ competition. Adhirath says he cannot go with his bow. Drona introduces Bheem praising his qualities. Duryodhan angrily looks at him. He hits his gadha on her and fills Duryodhan’s made earth crack. Gandhari asks Kunti why is earth shaking. Kunti says Bheem filled Duryodhan’s made earth crack and smiles. Drona then introduces Nakhul and Sahdev with their qualities. He then introduces Arjun as world’s best archer. Arjun shoots arrow in air and it converts into many arrows and strike in front of all elders. Shakuni gets jealous seeing this. He then shoots arrow again and it turns into flowers and fall on all spectators. Spectators chant Arjun’s name.

Karn hears spectators chanting Arjun’s

name and requests Adhirath let his son go. Adhirath says he can permit his soon but not a fool who wants to fight with kshatriyas and does not the consequences. Radha comes and hears their conversation.

Pandavs and Kauravs stand oppositely for competition. Drona says during competition if any rajkumar injures other rajkumar and if blood flows, that rajkumar will be out from the competition. Compeition starts. Nakul fights with Duryodhan’s 99 brothers and defeats some. Duryodhan enters and throws him on earth with his gadha. Sahdev says Drona Duryodhan’s gadha blow would have been fatal. Duryodhan says as per rule, blood should not flow, so he is not out.

Bhism announces that only Arjun, Bheem, Yudistra, Duryodhan and Dushyasan have moved to next level and will compete.

Children ask Karn why did not go yet for competition. Adhirath says he will not go. Radha requests Adhirath to let Karn go and fulfill his wish. Karn touches Adhirath’s feet and tries to leave. Adhirath asks if he wanted to go, then why did he ask his permission. Karn says Adhirath’s son Karn asked permission, but Parashuram’s student Radha got permission from his mother. Radha nods yes and blesses him for his victory.

Drona tells order of 5 competitors and asks Shakuni to throw his dice. Shakuni throws dice and dice shows 2 and 4, Duryodhan and Dushyasan. He says his dice does not do injustice and even lets brothers fight. Dushyasan says he will not attack his brother and accepts his defeat. Shakhuni says in this age, brothers are read to kill each other, but these 2 brother’s love will be remembered till ages.

Children see Karn walking and says this is same warrior who promised to win competition and asks Karn to promise again he will win. Vaishali enters and says he will not keep his promise. Karn reminisces promise made to Vaishali and says he remembers his promise and became world’s best warrior and asks how should he prove it. She shows palace and says he should prove it there. Karn reminisces Shon requesting him to not rest until he gets change in society and says he will not be in peace until then.

Precap: Vaishali asks Karn to prove that he is world’s best warrior in competition field. Karn says Drona will accept himself.

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