Suryaputra Karn 13th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 13th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Karn promises Vaishali that he will marry Supriya. Shakuni in his room laughs that his bird would have given message to Duryodhan. Dushyasan enters and asks if he got message from Duryodhan. Shakuni says no and says Duryodhan should use his brain than his strength now citing situation. Yudh/war in Duryodhan’s name and he knows just to use his weapon. Dushyasan asks what was the need for marrying Bhanumati. Shakuni says just like warrior takes many weapons during war so that if one weapon breaks, he can use another, Duryodhan’s situation is also same. Dushyasan says he did not understand. Shakuni says he will not and asks him to call Purochan.

Dhrupad devastedly walks into rishi’s cave reminiscing Arjun defeating him and throwing him on Drona’s feet.

He asks rishi if he will get solace for his pain. Rishi greets him as panchal naresh. Dhrupad shouts half panchal naresh.

Arjun sharpens his arrow on stone reminiscing Karn insulting him repeatedly. Stone breaks into pieces and he shouts no…. Kunti asks what happened to him. He says he will not calm down until he finishes his fight with Karn as Karn insults him repeatedly. Kunti says Karn is his. bro….then stops and says Karn is innocent and Duryodhan is using as weapon against him.

Karn helplessly enters mantap to marry Supriya. He sheds tears while Vaishali dorns him garland. Vaishali also cries standing aside. Karn then dorns garland on Supriya but garland breaks. Vaishali ties garland’s knot and dorns Supriya Karn’s perpared flower shawl for her. Karn reminisces gifting shawl to Vaishali and promises that their love will not shed like flowers and will be evergreen. Tears roll down his face.

Purochan meets Shakuni. Shakuni says he needs glass palace as soon as possible. Purochan says he cannot build it so soon. Shakuni says he will burn him if he does not and holds his hand on fire. Purochan writhes in pain and says he will build glass palace soon. Shakuni laughs and hopes Duryodhan’s marriage finishes soon.

Rishi tells Dhrupad that he needs 2 boys’ sacrifice to destroy Drona and one girl’s sacrifice to destroy hastinapur. Dhrupad asks to start havan and says he wants to see Drona and hastinapur’s destroyal.

Karn starts pheras with supriya with teary eyes. Vaishali throws flowers on them with others present. Duryodhan also does pheras with Bhanumati laughing. When they are about to apply sindhoor, Bhism enters and stops Duryodhan.

Precap: Duryodhan tells Karn that he should be hastinapur’s yuvray and not Yudistra. Karn says he will fight anyone for his friendship. Sri krisha arrival is introduced.

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