Suryaputra Karn 13th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Suryaputra Karn 13th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Madraraj Shalya challenges Bheem and beats him severely. Nakul says Shalya that even though he is their uncle, he is on enemy’s side and challenges him to fight. Shalya says his warrior Karn spared him yesterday and now he will spare him, so he should run fom here. Dhristyadumna attacks Ashwathama and pins him down. Duryodhan comes to Ashwathama’s rescue and beats Dhristyadumna. Madraraj beats Nakul next.

Arjun asks Krishna what is happening, how can Madraraj be so powerful. Krishna says just like Karn controlled his anger and used it as his weapon, they should also be calm and use their anger as their weapon and send him away from this world. He orders Yudistra to fight with Shalya. Shalya loudly challenges

if anyone can dare fight with him. Yudistra says he will fight with hm. Shalya laughs that when Arjun’s arrows and Bheem’s gadha could not harm him, how will he harm him, if he wants to gamble again but did not bring Panchali along. He continues laughing that because of him, this war started. Yudistra says yes, war started because of him and he will end this war. He picks his spearhead and starts fighting with Shalya and pierces his spreadhead into Shalya’s chest. Duryodhan and Shakuni are shocked to see that.

Krishna asks Arjun if he will not punish another mama because of whom this war started. Arjun says Gandhar raj Shakuni will be punished today. Shakuni thinks it is good Shalya died, he betrayed his own team. Krishna hears his mind and comments. Duryodhan runs for Shalya’s rescue. Shalya says he can show his face to Karn and dies after a long speech. Duryodhan starts beating Pandavs. Sanjay informs Dhritarastra what is happening and Dhritaratra says his son is powerful. Shakuni shouts at Duryodhan to kill all pandavs today.

Arjun asks Krishna how can Duryodhan be so powerful today. Krishna says someone’s powerful eye rays have fallen on someone. They have to wait until Duryodhan gets tired and then kill him. Gandhari meets Balram and says his brother did inustice to her by tricking Duryodhan and wants to kill Duryodhan with his tricks. Balram says he will not let Krishna trick his favorite student Duryodhan.

Precap: Krishna forces Shakuni to gamble and ask what he will bet next. Draupadi throws dice.

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