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Suryaputra Karn 13th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Karn riding horse towards rishi Vyas’s place. He gets fog and many difficulties on the way, but continues moving. Shakuni follows him with soldiers. They reach back hastinapur again. Shakuni asks how come they are back to hastinapur. Charioteer says Rishi Vyas must have blindfolded them. Karn says he just wants to save his father and starts riding again. Shakhuni asks soldiers to follow him and once they find route to throw arrow in air and signal him. Karn reaches hastinapur back. Shakuni says it must be a trap. They see an earth quake and landslide and they all fall into a big hole.

Adhirath in jail asks his family why did they let Karn to go on a death trap. Tauji says he did not listen to them. Shon says he trust his brother and he will bring

Vyas for sure. Madan comes and says law can wait, but not revenge, he will now take revenge from Adhirath.

Shakuni reaches hole’s edge, but a soldier holds his leg and pleads to rescue him. Shakhuni kicks him and he falls in deep hole. Shakhuni then comes out smiling. He hears Karn’s voice and sees him coming out of hole and says he is really divine and asks him to hold his hand. Karn says tauji told whoever is upside, their hand should not be held and whoever are down, their hand should not be left. He comes out himself and they both are shocked to see a a very big hole in between them and soldiers. Shakhuni orders soldiers to follow him. Soldiers say they are warriors and can fight, but not with death traps, they run saying there must be many death traps ahead and they all run.

Karn says he will go in this direction. Shakuni says there is a big well ahead. He says that is why he is going there as Vyas must be there.

Madan tortures Adhirath and asks him not to die before he says. He beats him with hunter and says a sooth/low caste cannot have divine child and he will kill both him and his son. He continues beating Adhirath.

Karn continues walking and Shakuni following him. Thunders start and a tree falls on old man. They hear man pleading for help. Karn says they should help this man. Shakuni says his sister needs help most and walks. Karn walks towards pleading man.

Gandhari carries her mass of flesh as a child. Dhritarastra comes and she asks if Vyas came. He says he will not and says she is a sinner and is unfit for boons, so she is not capable of being his ran and he will disown her in the morning. Gandhari gets tensed.

Karn sees man under tree and man pleads him to help. Karn picks tree and throws it. Injured man thanks him for saving his life. Karn says he has to go now and asks him to tie a cloth on his wound. man asks what is he doing in this jungle. Karn says he is finding maha muni vyas to take him to palace by morning. Man says vyas is in prayers and he will not meet him. Karn says he will at any cost to save his father’s life. Man says he cannot force vyas with his strength.. Karn says he just now lifted tree. Man says tree was lifeless, says he came to save him with a motto and asks him to think about it. Karn starts thinking.

Precap: Madan tortures Adhirath and shots arrow. Adhirath shouts Karn…Karn senses his plea.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Nys but sad epi.sakuni nd madan, both r sadists.gud nyt little,cute,brave karn ndgud nyt my dr titli richu

    1. shakuni is egoistic person who is burning in the fire of vengeance

  2. yeah madan is a saidist………… dr hg sweety

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