Suryaputra Karn 13th April 2016 Written Episode Update


Suryaputra Karn 13th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vasudev Krishna gives start of episode moral gyaan. Karn kisses battle field. Vrishasen asks why is he kissing battle field. Karn says his guru Parashuram did meditation here. Vrishasen say it is battle field now and fit for enemy’s blood and anger. Karn says anger is one’s enemy and they should control it and use it in their favor. Vrishasen asks why was not he angry seeing Pandavs. Karn says all enemies should not be dealt will anger.

Panchali asks Yudistra if he has selected senapati. Yudistra says Bheem is the best senapati. Krishna comes and says they need someone who can withstand against ganga putra Bhism and only Shikhandini can withstand him. Shikhandi comes and says she is on their side.

Duryodhan looks at his war plan and says he has 9 armies and Pandavs have only 7. Shakuni says they should get Nakul and Sahdev’s uncle Matra raj on their side and it is easy as matra raj is an womanizer and alcoholic. Nakul and Sahdev wait for Matra raj eagerly. Krishna says a warrior does not wait for anyone.

Matra raj travels on his chariot and orders charioteer to speed up. Charioteer stops and says someone is standing in front of chariot. Matra raj gets down and sees 2 women standing who say they came to make him relax before attending war. He says he has to go now. They hold his hand. He asks who sent them. They say Vasudev. He walks with them into a room. After satisfying himself and getting heavily inebriated says he wants to thank Vasudev for this favor. Paundrak Vasudev comes in front. He promises that he will fight on his side. Duryodhan comes and says he is fighting on his side. Matra raj says Vasudev tricked. Duryodhan says he is Paundrak Vasudev and not Vasudev Krishna. Pandavs see Matraraj’s chariot in front of Kaurav’s camp and enter tent and ask Matraraj why is he here. Matraraj says Duryodhan and Paundrak tricked him and took promise to fight on their side. Pandavs pick weapons. Paundrak says Matra raj promised him and he cannot break his promise.

Precap: Paundrak Vasudev taunts Krishna that his son is not on his side, so he should give his sudarshan chakra. Krishna says he will give what he wants.

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