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Suryaputra Karn 12th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bhanumati tells Duryodhan she will marry him only if Karn marries Supriya. Duryodhan angrily says when he can kidnap her, he can forcefully marries her. She keeps knife on her neck and says he will marry her dead body if he forces her. Duryodhan requests Karn to marry Supriya. Vaishali also comes and shockingly listens to their conversation. Karn looks at both Vaishali and Supriya. Supriya asks Bhanumati to stop. Bhanumati asks her to back off and tells Karn that his one wrong move will ruin generations. Duryodhan asks Karn again to marry Supriya, else world will call them cruel and their dream of making changes in society will go waste. Karn says as a friend he can give his life, but cannot marry Supriya. He walks out from there.

While walking, Karn reminisces promises

made to Vaishali and Vaishali reminisces telling Karn that Karn and responsibilities are both same. Vaishali then reminisces Bhanumati telling Supriya that no one will marry kidnapped girls and Karn has to marry Supriya as he helped Duryodhan in their kidnap, then Duryodhan telling their dream of making change in society will go in vain. Both of them continue reminiscing promises made.

In the morning, Vaishali stops karn and says she needs charity. He asks her not to ask what is going in her mind. She asks how can he forget his duties. Karn says she is his bow and inspiration and without her, he is nothing. She says he has to do justice. He says he cannot without her. She says for the change he has thought, he should do justice. He says he cannot make changes without her. She says she is with him always in his thoughts and the changes he will make. He says to become great, he cannot sacrifice her. Vaishali continues her speech and says if he does not marry Supriya, he will get a remark of destroying a woman’s life. Bhism is proud of him, but when he will know that Karn ruined a woman’s life, he will be ashamed of Karn. Karn continues that he cannot sacrifice his feelings. Vaishali says he cannot step away from his motto and cannot back off from his promise to give her a charity and asks him to take an oath on Surya dev that he will marry Supriya. She repeats to give charity. Karn with teary eyes says she encouraged him to hold weapon and get knowledge, she is his feelings, she is asking him to be lifeless, etc.., and says he promises that he will do charity not because he has to get changes, but because he cannot break his promise. He takes oath on Surya that he will marry Supriya.

Precap: Karn helplessly marries Supriya. Bhism stops Duryodhan’s marriage and asks Bhanumati if she is marrying Duryodhan forcefully.

Update Credit to: MAoth

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